The first step towards the European Basketball Championship has been taken: Belgian Lions win in Slovakia (and Retin Obasohan breaks a few ankles)

The new Paisienky Arena in Bratislva was filled to the brim and the 3,000 spectators immediately created a hellish atmosphere. The Slovakian selection picked up the message and quickly took a 7-2 lead through the strong and 2m11 tall Vladimir Brodziansky. Captain Pierre-Antoine Gillet showed his class and inspired the Belgian momentum. With 11 points, including three on three bombs, the Lions took the lead at 11-13.

Retin Obasohan came up with some shots and physical drives and scored 9 points in the first quarter, helping the Belgians race to 11-21. With a bomb from Jonas Delalieux, it went to a 13-25 Belgian bonus after the first quarter.

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The Belgian Lions came out with a scorching one defense, were present in the rebound and controlled the start of the second quarter. Thijs De Ridder scored and at 19-33 the Lions were on roses. Some losses of the ball and loss of concentration in defense were punished by the Slovaks. After a 6-0, a 25-33 flashed on the scoreboard. National coach Dario Gjergja rotated and the return of Retin Obasohan ensured a new Belgian lead: 28-40. However, new ball losses and bombs from Mario Ihring forced a Slovakian recovery: 36-40 halfway.

After a nice alley-oop from Ismael Bako, Slovakia continued to hold on at the beginning of the third quarter: 43-44 and 49-52. No panic for the Belgian Lions and after Gillet’s third error, the trio of Loïc Schwartz, Kevin Tumba and a second bomb from Jonas Delalieux quickly went to 49-57 and 54-64 after three quarters.

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Milan Samardzic scored in the fourth quarter and at 54-68 a large Belgian gap was again a fact. Jonas Delalieux scored, Jean-Marc Mwema struggled and with a frisky Loïc Schwartz, the Belgian victory was no longer in danger after 54-73 and with an impressive defense.

Slovakia – Belgium 60-75

Quartz: 13-25, 23-15, 18-24, 6-11

Slovakia: Ihring 12, Majercak 3, Fusek 0, Jones 6, Brodziansky 17, Pavelka 8, Morkan 0, Volarik 0, Krajovic 8, Malovec

Belgium: Samardzic 6, Mwema 3, Schwartz 9, Gillet 14, Delalieux 10, Tumba 5, Vanwijn 0, Bako 2, De Ridder 4, Obasohan 22, Van Buggenhout 0

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