Analyst Peter Vandenbempt classifies Boucaut’s swipe at Hans Vanaken: “Old frustration with which he wants to score easily”


Last week, ex-referee Alexandre Boucaut lashed out at Club Brugge player Hans Vanaken in the RTBf program ‘La Tribune’. After all, Boucaut claimed that Vanaken, with his baby face, is one of the most annoying players on the Belgian fields. A subject that Extra Time could not ignore on Monday evening.

A week ago, Club lost painfully against rival Antwerp. The Bruges captain went to referee Jasper Vergoote immediately after the whistle. The Limburger did this in a rather verbally aggressive manner. An event that was thoroughly discussed in the Walloon counterpart of Extra Time ‘La Tribune’, where Alexandre Boucaut is a regular guest. “With his baby face he may have the ideal appearance, but he is actually one of the most terrible players on our Belgian football fields. Vergoote has given a gift to all his colleagues by giving the red card,” said the former referee.

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A swipe that received little understanding at the table at Extra Time. According to analyst Peter Vandenbempt, the ex-referee’s statements were a cowardly move to score points on Walloon television. “I find it too easy to focus on a man. It is an old frustration with which Boucaut wants to score easily. If it is a French-speaking player from Standard he will never do this, but with a player from Club Brugge you can easily score on the RTBF.”

Yet Vandenbempt realizes that Vanaken will not go free in this case. “Vanaken is indeed a sore loser who expresses his frustrations to the referee. He knows that himself and will understand afterwards that he is being dealt a card.”

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