Goalkeeper Lowiese Seynhaeve is penalty hero of Zulte Waregem in the cup match against KV Mechelen: “It was just flaming without thinking too much”

Women football Belgian Cup: SV Zulte Waregem

Lowiese Seynhaeve not only saved three penalties, she also kicked the decisive penalty against the ropes. — © Bart Vandenbroucke

Zulte / Waregem

The cup match between SV Zulte Waregem and KV Mechelen (2-2) ended in a blood-curdling penalty shootout. Essevee eventually prevailed with 4-3. Goalkeeper Lowiese Seynhaeve, who saved three penalties and hit one herself, turned out to be the absolute match winner.

A 2-0 lead was not enough for Zulte Waregem to qualify for the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup in regular time. KV Mechelen fought back into the match. A nerve-wracking penalty shootout had to provide a definitive answer. “We seemed to have everything under control with the 2-0, but the match completely turned around after the 2-1 just before half-time,” Lowiese Seynhaeve reflects. “Our second half actually didn’t seem to go anywhere and then you see with dismay how Mechelen manages to force extra time. Then there are inevitably nerves on both sides and you could feel that a decisive penalty shootout was coming. For me it is the perfect moment to show that the team can count on me and that I can keep the stress under control.”

That Lowiese Seynhaeve can remain cool was evident in the penalty shootout. The 24-year-old Essevee goalkeeper stopped no fewer than three penalties and kicked one into the net herself. “To be honest, it has been a long time since I have kicked an eleven meter, but our coaching staff knows that I do not hide at such moments. Did I have an angle in mind beforehand? Not at all, it was just flaming without thinking too much (laughs). By the way, I don’t want to put too many feathers in my cap. We have a number of players who can convert a penalty flawlessly, and that has made the biggest difference for me.”

No preference

Zulte Waregem therefore qualified for the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup. “That is very gratifying for us,” concludes Lowiese Seynhaeve. “In the competition we are involved in a very difficult battle for the last Play-Off 1 ticket, and this qualification can give us a confidence boost. Which team (Club YLA, AA Gent of OHL, red) we would prefer to draw in the semi-finals? It doesn’t matter much to us. We have already proven that we are an extremely difficult opponent and will continue to fight hard until the last second in the semi-finals.”

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