Ostend only takes two points in the second quarter: “We were present defensively”

Basketball BNXTLeague: Leuven Bears – Filou Oostende 56-85

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In his hundredth BNXT match, Filou Oostende booked an almost thirty-year-old. With this tenth consecutive competition victory, the Sea Captains are assured of first place after the national phase, the first part of the BNXT four-part series.

Filou Oostende wins at number one before last, Leuven Bears. It seems normal. However, the way in which the people of Ostend pushed their opponents aside is remarkable. After an exploratory opening quarter, which ended 22-22, they won the second company with an exceptional 2-17 score. Ostend broke its own defensive BNXT record by allowing its opponent to score only two points in ten minutes. However, it took 2’26” for Buysschaert to score the first basket of the second quarter with an assist from Van Rossom. After five minutes the score had only crept from 22-22 to 22-24… In the seventh minute of that part of the match, Riley from Leuven used two free throws after a mistake by Tass: 24-27. It was the only pick of Leuven Bears that recorded 0 out of 12 field baskets (0 out of 4 two-pointers and 0 out of 8 bombs) against the Ostend defense in the second quarter and even converted barely 2 out of 6 free throws. A number to remember for a long time: Ostend swallowed two points in ten minutes. Swallow!


“We worked hard last week and were focused on winning. We knew that Leuven would play very physically. They stayed with us in the first quarter, but in the second quarter we were present defensively. I don’t know if we’ve ever conceded just two points in one quarter. If it happened, it was a very long time ago. Jefferson defended very well against Key, who averaged twenty points but had only scored three points after half an hour,” notes assistant coach Thierry Declercq. “We also want to win the two remaining matches so that we can maintain a difference of two wins against Antwerp Giants. However, the points are halved afterwards. That doesn’t make sense.”

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