Leuven Bears is no match for champion Ostend: “We barely scored two points in the second quarter, which was fatal for us”

Basketbal bnxt-league: Leuven Bears

No stunt from Leuven Bears against Pierre-Antoine Gillet’s Ostend. — © Well


No stunt for Leuven Bears on Saturday evening in front of their own people against Ostend. After a good start, the Leuven team lost heavily against the national champion with a score of 56-85. “We barely scored two points in the second quarter,” said coach Eddy Casteels. “That was fatal for us.”

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After the defeat, Leuven Bears remains in tenth place in the standings. Bergen also lost, meaning that the people of Leuven can in principle jump over the people of Hainaut to ninth place in the final week of the regular competition. However, they have to win for their own people against Limburg United on Wednesday and also win against red lantern Okapi Aalst on Saturday.

The Leuven team started off even better against Ostend. After the first quarter there was a 22-22 score on the scoreboard. “But Ostend defended firmly in the second quarter and we found no answer to that,” said coach Eddy Casteels. “We only scored two points in that quarter and from then on we chased after the facts.”

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Cohesion completely lost

Halfway through, the Bears were already facing a 24-39 deficit. And the home team also failed to respond in the third quarter. Champion Ostend was very strong offensively and eventually won 56-85. Yet there was also good news: talent Noah Meeusen made his return after being out for two weeks with a foot injury. However, it is clear that after the many American substitutions, the Bears have completely lost their cohesion.

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On the weekend of March 1, the people of Leuven will start the Elite Silver. Let’s see if they still find the drive to shine in that second part of the competition, like last season when they won ten games in a row in the Elite Silver.

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