AA Gent even loses to ten players from Cercle Brugge, which sneaks back into the top six thanks to top scorer Denkey

AA Gent even loses to ten players from Cercle Brugge, which sneaks back into the top six thanks to top scorer Denkey

AA Gent continues to struggle. They were allowed to play three quarters of a match against ten men from Cercle Brugge, but they were unable to win. Worse, it lost 1-2 after missing too many chances. Cercle reenters the top six.

The Buffaloes will remain in the top six for the time being, but they will have to tolerate Cercle above them. Both teams have the same number of points, but the people of Bruges won two more games. It wouldn’t have been necessary, provided there was a little more efficiency and better use of the stationary phases. Cercle shot exactly twice between the posts.

AA Gent started like an express train and kept it up for almost the entire first half. Yet it was 0-1 behind. After Gerkens and Depoître had immediately tested Warleson, Denkey extended and Lopez’s header into the goal. We had only gone five minutes. The Buffalos quickly recovered. There was Depoître again. His shot, or was it a pass to Gerkens, went well wide. At Cercle, Nazinho was complaining that it had a nature. No wonder he had to go to the dressing room with a yellow card after 23 minutes. Attempts to first incapacitate Kandouss and then Fadiga each time resulted in a yellow card. When he went to the dressing room, the Portuguese also got shouted at in the head after some unkind words from his trainer Miron Muslic.

Top scorer Kevin Denkey hit twice.

Foto: Isosport

Once again the signal for the home team to step up their game. De Sart hit the target twice from distance. Warleson had clearly resolved to absorb the loss of Nazinho. The goalkeeper was playing strong. He took De Sart’s shots and then one from Samoise. When Gerkens headed from close range, the Brazilian was there again. He made himself proud when Tissoudali came face to face with the goalkeeper. Still, the striker could have done better than placing the ball wide. Less attractive was the irritating time wasting by Warleson. First have a drink before kicking out, and this only after fifteen minutes, is a provocation and already deserved a yellow card. He could ? minutes of performing his plays.

By missing all those opportunities, AA Gent was still 0-1 behind at half time. Cercle was unable to do anything back after Nazinho’s exclusion, unless it must have been Minda’s attempt in the side net. The corner was so sharp that there was nothing left in it.

AA Gent even loses to ten players from Cercle Brugge, which sneaks back into the top six thanks to top scorer Denkey

Laurent Depoître scored again after 371 days

Foto: Isosport

Depoître scores

After halftime, AA Gent finally got its goal. Fadiga pushed well on the right and Depoître somewhat fortunately scored the 1-1. It was 371 days, with a serious Achilles tendon injury in between, since the striker scored for AA Gent. The Buffaloes continued to make good use of the half and full chances. On the other side there was one who showed how it should be done. One shot, immediately between the posts and 1-2. The name is Kevin Denkey, the top scorer who scored neatly across the corner on a pass from Popovic. Just like with the first goal, Ghent signing Mitrovic did not look good.

At AA Gent the spirit was gone. They continued to collect corner kicks – twelve in total – but none of them resulted in any danger. Trainer Vanhaezebrouck waited a long time to make a substitution because the substitutes’ bench consisted mainly of young people. When that happened in the final phase, nothing changed. A very sad defeat for AA Gent.

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