Simon Plaskie (Knack Roeselare) is looking forward to the cup final with much more interest than last season: “Hopefully this time on the field”


Simon Plaskie has been freed from all injuries and is completely coming into his own. — © Bart Vandenbroucke


To get the sixteenth Belgian Cup in the club’s trophy cabinet, Knack Roeselare will more than likely call on two talented young players who it acquired from neighbor Menen two years ago in the final in the Antwerp Sportpaleis on Saturday (3.30 p.m.). . Simon Plaskie certainly hopes to be able to make his contribution.

In addition to Seppe Rotty, the reception corner who has been on the opposite side in an astonishingly smooth manner this season, there is also the equally young (23 next month) Simon Plaskie. From the rag basket he rose to become a permanent fixture and even a strong player in the base at Knack. Particularly due to injuries, this sometimes cost the Antwerp native some blood, a lot of sweat and occasionally even a tear (literally, due to an eye injury).

“After about a year of misery, everything is finally physically under control,” Plaskie sounds relieved. “It started with a knee injury (tear of the patellar tendon, ed) in my last season at Menen. That dragged on in the first months at Roeselare. Above all, I had to have a lot of patience. Just as I was coming back, I twisted the ankle of the same leg. In my first year at Knack I could hardly show myself and that was especially mentally very difficult. I worked very hard last summer individually – supervised by the medical staff of course – and am now reaping the benefits. The fact that I also missed a few matches due to a damaged retina after a ball in the eye in the match against Maaseik at the beginning of November was – after the previous suffering – but a news item.”

“The progress Simon has made is impressive,” said Roeselare captain Matthijs Verhanneman before the start of the current season. “That was due to the high level of the training and also the confrontations in the Champions League from which you can learn a lot,” says Plaskie. “I am now looking forward to the cup final with much more interest than last season. Then I was unavailable due to that ankle injury. This time I hope to be on site. Against a Menen ‘in the flow’, I expect that, even as a big favorite, we will have to work hard to win the cup.”

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