Manon Stragier and Asterix Avo looking for the eighteenth Wase cup: “We have scouted well and know Charleroi inside and out”

Volleyball Final Cup of Belgium (v): Asterix Avo Beveren – ES Charleroi (Saturday at 7 p.m.)



The Belgian Cup Finals are on the bill at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp on Saturday evening. For the women, Asterix Avo Beveren is in the final for the 25th time. Since the Waaslanders won the Belgian Cup for the first time in 1996, they have already brought the trophy to the Waasland seventeen times (thirteen times as Asterix Kieldrecht, four as Asterix Avo Beveren). “We hope to brighten up our anniversary edition with an eighteenth cup,” says captain Manon Stragier.

In the rush to the eighteenth cup, Asterix Avo Beveren will be supported by more than five hundred supporters. “We have been looking forward to this cup final for several months and now we also want to win. By the way, I am happy that this final is being played so early in the season, because two months of working towards the cup final is enough,” says Manon Stragier.

“We have certainly left nothing to chance. In recent weeks we have tried a lot and also provided as much opportunity for everyone to play. We also know that Charleroi is a strong opponent and we leave nothing to chance. We have already faced Charleroi once in this competition and came out on top. But a lot has changed since then. We have scouted them well and know their team inside and out. A big question mark is main attacker Beatriz Santos. She was injured last week, but Martinez will now have all the pressure. She is of a different caliber, admittedly.”

“For me it is my sixth cup final and there is always a special atmosphere there in the Sportpaleis,” concludes Stragier.

East Flemish Karolos

Whatever the outcome, the cup will certainly partly end up in East Flanders. For the Karolos, two of the six basic pawns, with captain Lise De Valkeneer from Lede and game distributor Jutta Van de Vyver from Kruibeke, are East Flemish. Two players who have to drive an hour to Charleroi every day.

“We are looking forward to this final,” says Jutta Van de Vyver. After years of being a figurehead at Asterix Avo, she is in her second season at Charleroi. “This will be my third final. I won and lost one with Asterix Avo and this is my first with Charleroi. Here in Charleroi, the cup final is approached in a different way than at Asterix Avo. There was a final played there earlier normal, while at Charleroi it is a highlight. This also means that four hundred supporters will make the long journey. Who’s favorite? Asterix Avo is a young team that has gained experience in the Champions League in recent months. We, on the other hand, have more experience. In any case, it will be a great party. Do I still have contact with the players of Asterix Avo? Half of the team is international. I play with them at the Yellow Tigers.”

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