Westerlo is doing great at the bottom of the rankings and is pushing KV Kortrijk deeper into trouble

Westerlo is doing great at the bottom of the rankings and is pushing KV Kortrijk deeper into trouble

Westerlo wins the important basement match visiting KV Kortrijk: 1-2. The Gamecocks were not top, but efficient. That is precisely important in football. KV Kortrijk loses again and remains in last place. Relegation lurks around the corner. But it ain’t over till the fat lady sings ?…

A trainerless KV Kortrijk took on a trainerless Westerlo. De Boeck and De Roeck left their club in the hope that both teams can get out of their negative spiral. De Boeck’s dismissal from KVK was accompanied by the necessary bells and whistles. There was a lot of information to process for this important cellar duel. It would be better to go through everything quietly with a piece of bread and some leek soup while you look after your cats, for example.

Then on to the match, because it was important. The start of the match was not pleasant to watch. KV Kortrijk tried to stop the situation, but it quickly took over Westerlo’s poor play. That game image was typified by sloppiness: many passes did not go through, players had difficulty with simple checks or the flag was constantly flagged for offside. Those present almost fell asleep until Westerlo striker Frigan gave his team the lead out of nowhere. Bayram kicked a cross from very far towards the incoming Croatian, who put his toe against it and the ball rolled in past Vandenberghe, 0-1. Bad luck for the home team, efficient for the away team.

Frigan was allowed to laugh for a while after he gave Westerlo the lead, but he later went off injured.


Good Kadri

Finally there was fire in the match. Something that also warmed the home team. Kadri took matters into his own hands and fired a shot at Bolat. The goalkeeper saw the kick explode against the post. Good action from the Algerian, who was very active in the first half. Now that he is no longer captain, he seems to be performing better. It’s a shame for him and KV Kortrijk that his actions did not result in a goal, because it deserved it after 45 minutes of play.

Anyone who hoped that the good end of the first half was an omen for the start of the second part of the match was wrong. Once again, garbage crept into the game and we saw one sloppy pass after another. Henen illustrated the game perfectly: the Belgian-Togolese shot the ball miles over Bolat’s cage. Legend tells us that they are still looking for that ball. So it was clear to see why both clubs are at the bottom of the rankings.

Westerlo on a thief

The man at KVK was Kadri. If it doesn’t come from him, it doesn’t come from anyone at red and white. The Algerian pulled the trigger for the second time after an hour of play. He fired a hard shot towards Bolat and he had a lot of trouble with that. The danger had passed. A wonderful player who Kadri can play football freely when he is free. The home fans had also seen it. A smoke bomb was thrown onto the field from the stands. The game was at a standstill for a while and interim coach Akpala made good use of that. He boosted his troops and saw immediate results. The small striker Davies scored with his head from Bruno’s cross, 1-1. The Golden Spurs Stadium was rocked to its foundations.

KVK came back into the match. Kadri – who else – came close to a 2-1 lead. However, his ball disappeared onto the crossbar. Also in the restart, Sissako could not beat Bolat with a header. Westerlo got away well and just kept his head above water. Still, we continued to struggle and it paid off. Daci simply pushed the ball against the ropes after Vaesen hit the post, 1-2 on a thief. But three points are three points. For KVK, relegation seems almost inevitable, for Westerlo this is a mental boost.

KV Kortrijk: Vandenberghe, Mehssatou (90′ Mighten), Radovanovic, Silva, Ojo (45′ Bruno), De Neve, Kana, Sissako, Kadri, Henen (55′ Avenatti), Davies (83′ El Idrissy).

Westerlo: Bolat, Reynolds, Bayram, Neustädter, Bos, Yow (80′ Vaesen), Piedfort (80′ Van Eenoo), Madsen, Sydorchuk, Chadli (60′ Fixelles), Frigan (53′ Daci).

Goals: 33′ Frigan (Bayram) 0-1, 65′ Davies (Bruno) 1-1, 87′ Daci 1-2.

Yellow cards: 71′ Bayram (foul), 82′ Vaesen (foul), 94′ Radovanovic (foul), 96′ Bolat.

Red cards: /

Referee: Brent Staessens.

Spectators: 5537.

Westerlo is doing great at the bottom of the rankings and is pushing KV Kortrijk deeper into trouble

Foto: Isosport

Westerlo is doing great at the bottom of the rankings and is pushing KV Kortrijk deeper into trouble


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