Recovered Servaas Buysschaert wants to get past Limburg United to the semi-finals in the cup with Filou Oostende: “Don’t make any mistakes in Hasselt and then finish it at home”


Servaas Buysschaert has already missed seven weeks this season due to a foot injury. — © Rudy Declerck


Servaas Buysschaert has been training with Filou Oostende again for more than two weeks. Perhaps the center will take a few minutes on Friday (in Hasselt) or Sunday (at home) in the quarter-finals of the Belgian Cup. Limburg United is the opponent.

“After a jump, I landed on a different foot during training at the end of September. That happens, but it’s not fun. I immediately felt that it was spicy. It wasn’t just a flipped foot,” says center Servaas Buysschaert. A little later Ostend brought in Ili Diop. “He is a completely different player than what we already had. That’s not so bad. That gives us an opportunity to attack and defend against other types of players. He is complementary to us. Ili may be a little less strong, but he is very tall and can do a lot of things.”

A few days after that injury, Limburg United won 63-74 in Ostend. “Everyone had to rotate to a different position, because Diop was not there yet. Thibaut Tshienda-Baloji had to play a bit, Xander Pintelon had to play in the five, so Joppe Mennes and Damien Jefferson had to go to the four. It is not a gift to play other positions early in the season when you have not yet fully settled into your own position. Moreover, Limburg United is a good team.”

Unlike last season during his knee injury, Buysschaert was not a co-commentator alongside John Deschacht for this time. “That was fun last year, but you can’t do that with every injury. As a player, it is more important to be with the team during those matches. As a player you can never be completely objective towards other teams.”

More careful

“My absence lasted a little bit longer than we thought, but it was not a spectacular difference. Six weeks were planned, but I was not there for seven weeks. I am now out of injury, but I hardly played,” says Buysschaert. He was on the magazine in Charleroi two weeks ago and four days later he played in Oldenburg. His return to action on German soil also came about because Matthias Tass was injured. “My ankle is fine. I still missed training and fitness.”

Last weekend he did not play at home against Charleroi. “If it was necessary or possible due to errors or match progress, I might have played. Everything in due time,” says Buysschaert. “I’m a bit more careful now when I jump around other people. I’ll pay extra attention, but it will be fine.”

To trust

To reach the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup, Ostend must beat Limburg United in a double match. “A cup weekend like this is always something special. It is important that we are very focused in that first match. We are not allowed to make any mistakes in Hasselt, so that we can finish it at home. We have to show Limburg United that the team they won against here is not the team that is there now. That is important for our trust and for theirs. I don’t know if there is much advantage in playing away from home first. Maybe just this: if you lost the first match, you can do that extra rifle to still qualify,” Buysschaert concludes.

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