Thanks to Thiago and Zinckernagel: Club Brugge again in the top six after an easy win against lackluster Standard

Thanks to Thiago and Zinckernagel: Club Brugge again in the top six after an easy win against lackluster Standard

Club Brugge is gaining steam: it took a second league victory in a row on Sunday evening (2-0) and has now collected five consecutive clean sheets. Standard had no say at all in Jan Breydel and was behind the times after three minutes after a goal by Thiago.

Things are starting to go well at Club Brugge: six of the last matches were won, and Deila and co have already collected four clean sheets in a row. Standard and ex-coach Hoefkens were warned, but apparently not enough. It took barely three minutes for Thiago to score the opening goal. That happened on a fine swing from Zinckernagel on which Vanheusden covered too short. The visitors started the match with a deficit.

Books early

In the meantime, the Bruges train had left: Standard was played from pillar to post for 20 minutes. In that time frame, Jutgla should have actually scored the 2-0, but the Spaniard aimed the ball just wide. Halfway through the first half the pace slowed down a bit. Club monopolized the ball, played calmly but showed less drive forward. And the Rouches were interested in that. The visitors were given breathing space to attack themselves, something that had been difficult to do until then. For example, Kawabe slipped just short of shooting a good cross towards goal. Kanga also tried with a weak shot into the hands of Mignolet.

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Club had to be careful not to let Standard get too close and look more forcefully for that 2-0. That happened shortly after halftime. The disruption and pressure were again intensified, and after just ten minutes the second goal was scored. Zinckernagel was able to print on a failed shot by Spileers. His shot deflected along the way via O’Neill, putting Bodart on the wrong foot. A double deficit for Standard: after 55 minutes it actually seemed like booking was over.

Biggest chance in injury time

Blauw-zwart was sitting in an armchair: logically the pace slowed down again. Too bad for the numb supporters in Jan Breydel, where the temperature flirted with freezing. We were almost in minute 70 when Jutgla was able to shoot again on a pass from Zinckernagel, who had launched a counter. However, the angle turned out to be too sharp. On the other side, Standard let it all go: Hoefkens’ team showed absolutely nothing offensively after the break. As if the Rouches had already resigned themselves to defeat. A corner in minute 79: that was the most important achievement at the time.

Thanks to Thiago and Zinckernagel: Club Brugge again in the top six after an easy win against lackluster Standard


Deila did not want to give up: he brought Nusa and Skov Olsen, intrinsically two key players, before the final quarter. That provided a little more electricity. Skov Olsen quickly cut inside and curled the third goal just above the intersection. Club did receive some bad news when Maxim De Cuyper could no longer continue. It sat down and had to be replaced. Buchanan also left. Odoi and Meijer were allowed to complete the final phase.

Beyond Genk

It was a countdown until ref Vergoote blew his whistle one last time: not much happened anymore. Jutgla had one more big chance when he was well served by Meijer, but could not finish from across the corner. The biggest chance for Standard also came in injury time when Mignolet had to intervene because Ohio had squeezed through the defense. But the final score remained 2-0. Club thus enters the top 6 again, where it will certainly overtake Genk (and possibly Cercle). With a fifth clean sheet in a row and renewed courage.

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