National coach Domenico Tedesco remains cautious after the European Championship draw: “On paper we are favorites, but…”

The Red Devils know their opponents at the European Championships in Germany. Romania, Slovakia and the winner of play-off B will face Domenico Tedesco’s troops. The national coach was sober in his analysis afterwards. “I didn’t feel any relief after the draw,” said Tedesco.

Romania, Slovakia and the winner of play-off B. The Red Devils could not complain after the European Championship draw. Yet national coach Domenico Tedesco remains cautious. “I didn’t feel any relief after the draw,” said Tedesco. “On paper we are the favorite in this group, but on paper that is not the same as on the field. Romania won its group ahead of Switzerland. Slovakia only lost twice and that was against Portugal. We don’t know the third in the group yet, but I don’t underestimate any team.”

For Tedesco it will be a return to Germany. “It will be fun to play football in Cologne. There we won our practice match against Germany with massive support from the Belgian fans. I now also call on them to be present en masse in all stadiums. It will also be very special for me to play in Stuttgart, where I live. But I don’t focus on that. Whether Belgium is a favorite? Nobody likes to play against Belgium, but for me Germany is the big favorite. They are the home country and they play football in front of their own audience.”

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