“Family above all”: LeBron James chooses son over his own team now that Bronny James is allowed to play basketball again after cardiac arrest

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Bronny James, son of LA Lakers star player LeBron James, has been given the green light by doctors to play basketball again four months after his cardiac arrest, his family announced on Thursday.

Nineteen-year-old Bronny James collapsed at the end of July during a training session with the basketball team of the University of Southern California (USC). He was taken to hospital, where he remained for several days. It later emerged that the cardiac arrest was due to a congenital heart condition. He hopes to return to training at USC next week.

Bronny James is considered a great upcoming basketball talent. According to experts, he could make the step up to the NBA. His father has already stated in the past that it would be a dream to compete together in the competition. And so LeBron doesn’t want to miss anything from his son’s career. He informed the LA Lakers that they will have to do without him when Bronny James makes his debut at USC. – “Family above all,” said The King.

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