Thibaut Courtois and wife Mishel give an extensive interview and explain future plans: “My injury makes me see everything from a different perspective”

Last month, Thibaut Courtois and his wife appeared at Elle’s gala ball, in aid of the fight against cancer. Now there is an extensive interview with them in the Spanish version of the fashion magazine.

Numerous topics are discussed, but apart from the fact that Courtois mentions that he discovered his wife on Instagram during a meeting with the Red Devils, he does not say a word about the Red Devils. That is striking. Courtois left the national team shortly before his wedding after a conflict with coach Domenico Tedesco. A conflict that has still not been resolved. Courtois is injured anyway and would not be fit again until March at the earliest. On the other hand: the interview is also not about his club Real Madrid. Elle obviously has a different approach.

Instagram love

The story of how Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and model Mishel Gerzig met each other is discussed extensively, but is not well known in Belgium. That happened via Instagram. And actually also a little thanks to the Red Devils, the only passage in the interview in which the national team is mentioned.

“I was in the hotel after the international match with the Red Devils, which we won 2-0, and I saw a photo on Instagram of Mishel and her dog that immediately caught my attention,” says Courtois. “I thought it was sweet and wrote “babies” without expecting her to answer me, but she did.”

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Courtois with Mishel and his two children after the Club World Cup final. — © Getty Images

Almost six months later they met for the first time in Madrid and the rest is history. They are now husband and wife. The high of their fairytale wedding last summer was broken by the serious injury of Thibaut Courtois, who tore the cruciate ligament in his knee. “The first day was difficult. I informed Michel in a message: I think I injured my knee during training.”

Master of sports management

Mishel came to pick up Courtois at the Real Madrid training center. “We went to the MRI and they quickly saw that it was a serious injury. I was still inside and they had already told Mishel and the physiotherapist what was going on. When I came out I cried, but then you feel the love of the people who support you and thanks to them you can think positive again. Mishel helped me a lot, especially the first month, when I could hardly move. Now I’m working hard to return as quickly as possible and be 100 percent fit.”

“I now have more time to train and I can also make more time to be with my children (he has two from a previous relationship) and with Mishel. The great thing is that the kids love her, so we spend a lot of time together. The injury made me see everything from a different perspective. I love football and I miss it, but there are other things I love and want to do. This year I will be pursuing a master’s degree in sports management. We also have some companies.”

Courtois has invested in a plant-based milk company, in Neat Burger, a producer of vegan burgers in which actor Leonardo DiCaprio and driver Lewis Hamilton also invest, and he has a Formula 4 team, TC Racing. Mishel will then open a natural beauty salon in Madrid.

Israeli conflict

Naturally, as an Israeli she is also very concerned about the conflict in the region. “All people born there live with the current conflict all their lives, although they never get used to it. I served in the military for two years, so I know the situation well. It is very painful to see the point we have reached. The terrible things my family and friends have to hear, we all know people who have been killed or injured…”

“I didn’t understand it before, but now I have family and friends there, so I experience it firsthand,” said Courtois. “But I am Belgian. I express my support and respect all opinions as long as they are expressed politely. We are all human and no one wants innocent people to die. That is the most important. But now there is a lot of hate, especially on social media, a lot of division and that is very difficult. These are unacceptable things, because we all want peace.”

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Mishel as a fan of the Red Devils. — © BELGIUM

Youth coach

Elle still wants to know what Courtois’ plans for the future are: “Growing our family, that’s the first thing. And helping people is the most important thing for both of us. Returning strong after my injury and performing at my best. Expanding our business and continuing to enjoy our life in Madrid, with the family and our five dogs. I love sport and will always be connected to it, but when I retire I see myself coaching a youth team rather than becoming a first team coach. It’s too busy and I would be away from home too much. I think Mishel would kick me out (Laughs).”

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