VIDEO. Harry Maguires style: first a disastrous play-in pass, then an obvious and clumsy penalty foul (which was not called)

Once the most expensive defender of all time, he is now the center of ridicule more often than he would like. We are of course talking about Harry Maguire. Maguire is a regular starter for the English national team – unlike at Manchester United – but that does not always go well. In the European Championship qualifier against North Macedonia, the defender made another mistake.

In the 22nd minute, Maguire made a very bad pass, which was intercepted by North Macedonian Bojan Miovski. He launched his brother Eljif Elmas. Maguire wanted to correct his mistake and charged at Elmas, but he clumsily knocked the North Macedonian to the ground. An obvious penalty foul if you ask us, but the referee didn’t give a kick.

The match eventually ended 1-1 after a goal by Enis Bardhi and an own goal by Jani Atanasov. It didn’t really matter, because England had already qualified for the European Championship in Germany and North Macedonia could no longer qualify mathematically.

Judge for yourself about the penalty phase:

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