KV Oostende collaborates with the University of Spain’s Murcia


Under the leadership of Robby Van Thuyne, head scout of KVO since this season, KV Oostende has developed its own data package to identify and evaluate players who match the desired Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With this internal system, KVO tries to distinguish itself from the competition and thus discover talents that may have gone unnoticed in the past. From now on, KVO is working together with Sports Data Campus, a department of the UCAM university in Murcia, Spain, where students follow a Master’s course in ‘Data analytics in football’. The collaboration between KVO and Sports Data Campus is intended to create a dynamic environment in which the boundaries of football analysis will be continuously pushed. One facet of this collaboration is the introduction of master projects. Students get the opportunity to work for KVO in the entire player recruitment process. (rpo)

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