Beerschot takes action against White Power logo on supporters flag: “This should not happen again”

A still image has emerged of a flag with the White Power logo in the visitors’ section of Beerschot. The facts date from the previous matchday in the Beerschot match visiting Seraing. The football association has drawn up a report on the incident and the police have drawn up a report. Beerschot will reprimand the supporters involved.

On Saturday, November 11, Beerschot won 1-2 on the field of Seraing. During the match, a flag with three logos hung in the visitors’ section behind the goal: the old Beerschot logo, a Flemish Lion and the White Power logo. White Power is a fascist ideology based on the assumption that whites are superior to people of other ethnic groups and therefore should dominate them.

The match delegate at Seraing had mentioned the presence of the Celtic cross in his match report, on which the football association also took action. The police have also drawn up a report.

Beerschot knows which supporters are involved and will contact them. “First and foremost, we want to make it clear that such symbols do not belong in a stadium. And we will also ensure that this does not happen again,” spokesperson Luther Rommens said. According to the club, the logo has never been shown in Beerschot’s home games. It is not yet clear whether this could result in any sanctions for the club.

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