“Suddenly I had feces on me”: Chilean football icon denounces harsh conditions in his own country

Chile is not doing well at the moment. In the World Cup qualifiers, Alexis Sanchez and co are in eighth place out of ten countries, with five points. Perhaps not entirely illogical, according to the Chilean star player, given the harsh circumstances.

Chile was held to a dismal 0-0 draw against Paraguay on Friday, which is one spot higher in the standings. And that despite having played a half with one man more after Robert Rojas was sent off. In the absolute final, Chile also fell with ten after the exclusion of Victor Mendez.

Afterwards there were many critical questions at the press conference, but Alexis Sanchez was not in the mood for that. The ex-player of Arsenal and Manchester United, among others, wanted to raise something different at all costs in public.

“I would like to have a real track or a decent shower in Juan Pinto Durán (the training center, ed.). There are three showers that are not working so you have to wait until someone else is ready. A team cannot function like this. And in the stadium (the Estadio Monumental David Arellano of first division Colo Colo, ed.) I suddenly got feces all over me while I was stretching in the shower. Is this the national team or a third division?”

Chilean businessman Leonardo Farkas promptly proposed pumping 20 million into the national team’s facilities, which Sanchez appreciated.

“Hello friend Farkas. Thank you for always wanting to help, but I just spoke to the chairman of the ANFP,” said the Inter striker. “They will fix the showers, fix the cold water that is important for recovery, and so on. He also promised to improve facilities for women’s football in the short term. The idea is that future generations will have the quality tools that the Chilean national team deserves. Dear friend Leonardo, let’s make it 50/50 to build a new stadium (laughs).”

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