IT’S ALSO FUN IN PROVINCIALE. The ‘Royals’ of Berlaar-Heikant, apologies to Oppuurs B and more!

Sorry, Oppuurs B!

Last week we wrote here that there was still a team in our province following in the wake of PSV. That team? That was Oppuurs B. But just when there was an international break at PSV, Oppuurs B met the tough guys from Rupel Boom B. The result? The B-oompkens drew 1-1, the first loss of points of the season for Jorno Kerremans’ boys. For which we feel a little guilty.

Although they are still in the lead in 4th provincial A.

Oppuurs last weekend. Is it Oppuurs A or Oppuurs B? I know, and you don’t! — © GOYVAERTS/GMAX AGENCY

Berlaar-Heikant goes on the royal tour

Stop saying Balder-Heikant versus FC Berlaar-Heikant. From now on we talk about Royal Football Club Berlaar-Heikant. The team, founded in 1972, received royal post this week and can call itself ‘Royal’ for its 51st birthday. To reward themselves, the Purple & White won 2-1 against De Kempen.

Congratulations to Balder erm… KFC Berlaar-Heikant!

If things go well, we’ll say so!

… because our policy people from Voetbal Vlaanderen have made the right decision. No general cancellation, referee decides on the spot. And when it poured on Saturday, we had our doubts, for a moment. But in the end there was too much water in ‘only’ 8 areas, the referee thought.

You’re not going to cripple an entire calendar for that. Kudos this time to Voetbal Vlaanderen.

The unlucky guy of the week

We have often talked about the ‘own goal’ phenomenon in this section. We have, we may be honest, a slight fascination with the event. It is extra painful, for example, when such an own goal is the only achievement in an entire match.

Yet it happened to Vincent Du Pont van Hallaar. In the 53rd minute, paf, his ball ended up in his own goal and KFC Katelijne took the three-pointer. A blessing for the vegetable growers, an accident for the mill sons. Then just make something right against Schriek?

It was Oppuurs A, because here you see them last weekend in a match against Hooikt. — © GOYVAERTS/GMAX AGENCY

Switch power to 2A

We write it week after week: but in 2A it is really very enjoyable for the neutral viewer. How do the teams play leapfrog with each other? Not normal. Before this weekend, Oppuurs and SC Duffel were in the lead. But due to a loss of points, KV Hooikt and FC Ekeren jumped over the two teams from Klein-Brabant.

Who will be in the lead next? Only time will tell!

Raffa Gano’s brother — © BELGIUM

Like brother, like brother

Isn’t that a typo, dear author of ‘In Provinciale Is Het Ook Plezant’? The saying goes: ‘Like father, like son’. And you are absolutely right about that, my readers! But in SC Mechelen they have a variation on that since this weekend. In the 8-2 win against Wavria B, one R. Gano scored three times. And now you can guess who Raffa’s brother is? A small tip: he is an attacker for Zulte Waregem and his name does not rhyme with Snelle Bossen.

Yep, it’s Zinho Gano, who is eight years older.

Two penalties in one match? It’s possible, Vincent Janssen!

He won’t lose sleep over it for a long time, but the real die hard Antwerp supporter still remembers it. We are talking about the two penalties in the same match that Vincent Janssen missed at home against RWDM a few weeks ago. Was it fear of failure, stress at a 0-0 score or did he see something we don’t see? We’ll never know.

What we do know is that it is indeed possible to score two penalties in one match. Stijn Kustermans of KSV Wildert proved this once again on the field of SK Putte on Sunday. The 23-year-old Kustermans opened the scoring from the spot and only scored the winning goal from the same spot in the 91st minute. Well done, Kustermans!

Oliver Bitto (left) remains in the lead in the top scorer’s rankings. — © GOYVAERTS/GMAX AGENCY

The top scorer of Antwerp

Nothing changed at the top as Oliver Bitto did not score this weekend. There were some small shifts among the pursuers, but nothing spectacular.

26 goals: Oliver Bitto (K. Tub. Borgerhout, 4B)

15 goals: Tim Leemans (KFC Lint, 3A), Kevin Van Schaverbeke (FC Merksem, 3B), Tom Vandeput (KSC Mechelen, 4D), Lennerd Veulemans (FC Grobbendonk, 4E)

14 goals: Kadir Yilmaz (Ranst, 1), Kevin Vandenbergh (Ramsel, 3A), Jarne Bouwmeester (Walem, 3A), Mathias Deproost (Zwaneven, 3C), Bayram Digirmenci (Antwerpen-Noord B, 4B), Jens Van Loon (Alberta Schilde, 4C), Giovani Huysmans (Bouwel, 4F)

13 goals: Willem Van Gool (Oppuurs, 2A), Wannes Janssens (Broechem, 2B), Tycho Deckers (K. Schelle Sp. B, 4A), Lotfi Hadouch (Lippelo, 4A)

12 goals: Andreas Destoop (Zandhoven, 1), Miguel Cobos (VC Wilrijk, 2A), Roman Dexter Witting (Nieuwmoer, 3B), Dennis Maes (KFC Mol, 3C), Brahim Bougrine (Mariekerke-Branst, 4A), Kjell Van Opstal (VVH Lippelo, 4A), Kenneth Ceulemans (Rupel-Boom B, 4A), Matts Verdyck (K. Hove Sp., 4B), Yentri Colonne (RB Elzestraat, 4D), Peter Stals (Zen. Hombeek, 4D), Marijn Gillis ( Zammel, 4F)

11 goals: Quinten D’Hoey (Tisselt, 1), Aatif Bouyalaoui (RVC Hoboken, 1), Sherjill Mac-Donald (Hooikt, 2A), Pieter-Jan Vercammen (Hallaar, 3A), Cas Van Kessel (Meer, 3B), Mikail Bektas (Turk Sport, 4B), Ionut Iulian Maftei (Bucovina Loenhout, 4C), Mathew Schillemans (KSK Ekeren Donk, 4C), Jordy Denisse (Alberta Schilde, 4C), Pieter Verbruggen (VC Leest, 4D), Bunow Angefor (KVV Duffel , 4D), Cedriec Vanherck (Rauw Sp., 4F)

10 goals: Thomas Aertsen (Loenhout, 1), Nick Van Peer (Bevel, 1), Brett Troonbeeckx (Walem, 3A), Tim Sterckx (Kasterlee, 3C), Mikail Bektas (Turk Sport, 4B), Milan Peeters (Hove Sp., 4B) ), Jan De Vos (FC Oxaco-Boechout, 4B), Kobe Van Waterschoot (St-Job, 4C),

9 goals: Kurt Weuts (Kontich, 1), Pieter Heremans (Wavria, 2A), Demir Zejnelagic (Willebroekse, 2A), Jorne Segers (Weelde, 2B), Joeri Uytterhoeven (Peulis, 3A), Jelle Van Praet (Wintam, 3A), Marnix Willockx (KFC Katelijne, 3A), Bart Hendrickx (Wijnegem, 3B), Yevghenny Marceli Marceli (Wezel Sp. B, 3C), Robbe Van Gestel (KSK Herentals, 3C), Younes Abdellati (Maccabi, 4A), Ymen Cras (Reet , 4A), Cheikh Diakhate (Schoten, 4B),Mohammed Yagoubi (Los Incas Antwerpen, 4B), Milo Ghys (Dessel Sp. B, 4E), Dean De Jonghe (Kessel, 4E), Nick Van Loock (Houtvenne B, 4F ), Laurens Van Den Brande (Tongerlo, 4F)

8 goals: Guy Geudens (Vosselaar, 1), Lennart Jenart (Oppuurs, 2A), André Nunes Soares (KFC Putte, 2A), Robin De Scheemaecker (Ezaart, 2B), Milan Vandamme (Broechem, 2B), Dennis De Backer (Kalfort Puursica, 3A), Jarne Le Blon (Hallaar, 3A), Jordi Maes (Zandvliet, 3B), Wout Van Diest (Kasterlee, 3C), Joran Rymen (Pulle, 3C), Dries Vanlommel (VC Herentals, 3C), Robbe Van Gestel ( KSKS Herentals, 3C), Sjors De Backer (Zwaneven, 3C), Cane Sterckx (Hoboken B, 4A), Benjamin Kurdoghlian (Schoten, 4B), Jonathan Van den Bossche (Boechoutse, 4B), Nando Van Looy (Tub. Borgerhout, 4B), Davy Verbaeten (Alberta Schilde, 4C), Tijl De Kort (Heibos, 4C), Lars Gladines (KFC Lint B, 4D), Jonathan De Mesmaecker (Wechelderzande, 4E), Xander Van Hout (Dessel Sp. B, 4E ), Vincent Van Broeckhoven (Halle, 4E), Yarno Verhoeven (Halle, 4E), Bjorn Voeten (Meerle, 4E), Joppe Van Loy (Olen United, 4F), Kenzo Laenen (Zammel, 4F)

Next week …

In 2 A there is the top match between Ekeren and SC Duffel. In 2B, Herselt can leave the red lantern to Arendonk Sport if they win. In 3B there is the top match between Nieuwmoer and Wijnegem on the program and SKS Herentals and Noordstar will compete against each other in 3C.

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