Ward Van Dyck and Haasrode Leuven remain clear after victory over Borgworm: “But it was not our best game”

Volleyball Lotto Volley League Waremme Borgworm – Haasrode Leuven: 0-3

Ward Van Dyck scored 17 points: “Not bad, for a corner player.” — © Well


An unstoppable Haasrode Leuven has achieved a fourth consecutive victory in the competition, the sixth in total, by beating Waremme with a convincing 0-3. The people of Liège were able to threaten for a moment, but thanks to another great performance from newcomer Ward Van Dyck, the victory was never in danger.

“In itself it was not our best match, but if we reached our level, I had the feeling that we would never get into trouble.” The way Ward Van Dyck speaks to us just after the match says everything about the flow Haasrode Leuven is in these days. Self-confident, but also critical. Down to earth, yet confident.

“In sets 1 and 2 (22-25 and 23-25 ​​respectively, ed.) “We didn’t get through it completely, with some sloppy things here and there,” continues the reception corner player. “Offensively, we initially found it difficult to score, but our reception was at a good level. Then you just knew that everything was going to be okay. Although I must also congratulate Borgworm. The people of Liège did very well at the beginning of the match, with a strong Pierre Perin and Kevin Klinkenberg on the corners.”

Man of the match

So it took some searching in Liège, where it is never easy to play. But once the talented Louis Laenen was also kept under control – he scored 30 points against Guibertin last match day – the Leuven team’s strategy worked excellently. Top scorer Hendrik Tuerlinckx was again of great importance and even achieved six kill blocks, including two crucial actions at the end of sets 1 and 2. But man of the match Ward Van Dyck was perhaps even more important this time: he scored 34 times. applied in attack, with 17 points as a good result.

“Not bad, for a corner player,” says a laughing Van Dyck. “Oh well, I just feel really good about myself. That I have to deal with a lot of high waste balls in the counterattack? I’ll make my plan with that. It also just shows that the teammates have a lot of confidence in me. We also get along very well with our great setter, Matthias Valkiers. No, I have not yet regretted my move to Leuven, on the contrary.”


You also saw in set 3 that Haasrode Leuven is overflowing with confidence. Borgworm was sent back to the changing rooms with a red face and 12-25. The Leuven team thus remains the only undefeated team in the competition and seems more ready than ever for the clash with Roeselare. “It will be an interesting test. We have already beaten Maaseik twice, but Roeselare is also doing well. Oh well, the competition is still long, so that leadership position certainly doesn’t concern me. Although we naturally want to maintain our undefeated status for as long as possible,” concludes Van Dyck.

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