Beerschot is (temporarily) leader in 1B, despite referee errors in Seraing

Wieland is not exactly the type of coach who likes to rotate his team, especially if his team was able to win a difficult match with ten of them the week before. Unfortunately for the Austrian T1 van Beerschot, he was forced to make two substitutions before the start at the Stade Du Pairay. After all, Verlinden was suspended with five yellow cards to his name, Cagro had to drop out again with a hamstring injury. For example, Alhassan took a seat next to Sanusi in central midfield, while Weymans pushed his competitor at the left wingback in Nzita up a row.

Immediately switch on both sides

Within ten minutes, both Wieland and Seraing coach Proment had to bring in someone cold from the bench. Solheid twisted his ankle and disappeared to the side in front of Kebe. Alhassan was also unlucky on duty. After a head to head, the Nigerian could not continue, Van Himbeeck was logically his replacement. The latter had not been on the field for even a minute before he saw Reyners gratefully receive a gift from Cachbach. The number 10 of the Métallos delivered a dramatic back pass that ended up in the feet of the Kiel pocket striker. Reyners dragged the ball to his left for a moment and then slid in under goalkeeper Magueron, giving the Mannekes an early 0-1 lead over the language border.

After fifteen minutes, Seraing was able to threaten for the first time: Kilota with a good cross from the left, but Lepoint’s volley went well over. But Beerschot was clearly the better team on a difficult-to-play field, in which the heavy rain certainly had its share. Both Seraing and Beerschot had some opportunities together. But after two big chances from Michez and one from Nzita, the Rats should have gone into halftime with a double lead.

No red for Lepoint

Just before half time, Lepoint found it necessary to continue on Weymans’ ankle. Dark red, but not according to Mr Pirard. The VAR would undoubtedly have intervened here… And it is the same Lepoint, who not much later took the ball well on his chest and, fortunately for Beerschot, kicked the ball rashly over the goal frame. In the end it remained 0-1 after 45 minutes of play in the Stade du Pairay.

It didn’t take long for the Beerschot supporters to cheer for the first time in the second half. Nzita was completely uncovered on a corner kick from Matthys. The 23-year-old Belgian headed in well to give his team a double lead. For a long time, Nzita and co. don’t enjoy it there. Not for the first time, Kilota made a good rush from his left flank, tried to pass Konstantopoulos and fell. If the Greek had touched Kilota, it would have been extremely light. Enough for referee Pirard to put the ball on the spot. An incorrect decision, again to the detriment of Beerschot. Segbe took his time in his run-up, but did shoot the penalty at the bottom right: 1-2.

Then still red

Seraing’s supporters saw their team get back into the match thanks to Pirard. Many opportunities were no longer put together. Lepoint, the man who should have been in the shower for a long time, was given a great opportunity to level the signs again, but was again not cool-headed enough. On the other hand, Reyners aimed for the square, but he too could not score his second of the afternoon. The Mannekes could also have received a penalty themselves, although it was not clear whether the violation took place inside or outside the sixteen-meter area.

When Raillot took his second yellow card in minute 86, Seraing still fell with ten. Beerschot thought they could play it out calmly in Seraing, but at the end goalkeeper Margueron went forward on a corner and almost headed in the equalizer. Matijas dived well towards the bottom right corner or Seraing’s goalie could easily have been the big hero here. In the end the score remained 1-2 and Beerschot won away from home for the fifth time in a row.

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