Patro Eisden coach Stijn Stijnen is suspended for four games after a tirade in a cup match

Stijn Stijnen. — © Dick Demey

The Disciplinary Committee for Professional Football (DCP) has suspended Patro Eisden coach Stijn Stijnen for a total of seven matches, four of which were effective. Stijnen was very aggressive in the match against Seraing and threatened the fourth ref several times. “I know where to find you, your career is over on Monday,” he said to the official. Goalkeeping coach Niels Hermans also received a two-match suspension for misconduct during the same match.

The referee’s report showed that Stijnen had an intimidating attitude towards the fourth referee throughout the match. At the hearing, text messages between the fourth ref and the Patro Eisden goalkeeper about the attitude of players towards referees turned out to be the reason for his behavior. These dated from a while before the match and were unrelated, but they still caused quite a stir in the locker room.

Stijnen was already booked for his behavior in the first half, but that did not stop him from threatening the fourth referee again during half time. “I’ll see you in court,” Stijnen said. The Disciplinary Committee was sharply supportive of the coach: “Through words and behavior, Stijnen actively contributed to a rebellious and even hostile atmosphere that was generated by the K. Patro Eisden Maasmechelen bench from the start of the match. (…) His unmistakable aim was to destabilize the fourth official and to strike him with serious fear.”

Also fine

It is not the first time that Stijnen has to appear before the DCP as a coach, the Committee also sees no improvement in the behavior of the former goalkeeper. The fact that he still came onto the field after his exclusion and the final whistle to, among other things, seek redress from the referees, earned him another matchday suspension. All together, Stijnen must also pay 2,500 euros.

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