Kortrijk Spurs enter “Hell November” and first receive Spirou Charleroi: “No opponent was better than us”

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The House of Talents Spurs will play no fewer than four home matches in one month, with a visit to the Mons Arena in between. In a few weeks they will play at home against Spirou Charleroi, Antwerp Giants, Leuven Bears and Kangaroos Mechelen. Spurs will host Charleroi in the Lange Munte on Friday at 8:30 PM.

The home team would like to relive the gigantic atmosphere of the match against Ostend with 2,000 enthusiastic basketball fans and to spice things up a bit, Kortrijk Spurs renamed the month ‘HELL NOVEMBER’.

It could also be a different matter to ensure that everything runs smoothly in a sporty manner. The last match was lost in Mechelen by no less than 102-74. Anyone who allows 102 points for the opponent knows that there is something wrong in the defense.

“That’s right,” coach Christophe Beghin reflects. “If you analyze that match in Mechelen, you immediately see that there was far too little spirit. On top of that, all agreements were violated. In short, what we worked on all week was not implemented. Yes, then you know. Not enough focus. But I do believe they have now got the message. We are ready for Friday.”

Youthful sins

“Whether Spirou Charleroi is feasible? Well, actually all opponents are a feasible card. No opponent was really better than us, but not worse either, let’s face it. Our only shortcoming is that we commit far too many youthful sins. We have a very young group and are somewhat missing a leader in the team who can be the pacesetter. We actually knew that – with so many young people – something like this could pose a risk. That is why it is good that a new player has been recruited. Brevin Pritzl already has more experience. He is also an American, and he can be the connecting factor between our young Americans and their new environment. Some of our new players are a bit introverted and they are indeed far from home and miss their family a bit. We will also work on that. My boys need to feel good about themselves. Brevin will be a helping hand in that area. In any case, we will be ready to give Charleroi a match on Friday.”

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