“This is the biggest low point of my entire football career”: Steven Defour understands the questions surrounding his position as KV Mechelen coach after ‘disgraceful’ cup disgrace


Trainer Steven Defour hoped to gain confidence in the cup after the weak performance. That plan turned out disastrously because KV Mechelen went out on penalties against Knokke (First National).

Vincent Van Genechten Thomas Franken

Defour sat there like a beaten dog. We had never seen the KV coach so moved. “Knokke was very motivated and I have never seen what we achieved in return. This is the biggest low point of my entire football career,” Defour did not mince words. “I feel ashamed as an employee of KV Mechelen. I am ultimately responsible and I will not shy away from that responsibility. I know that the pressure will only increase, but I assume that I will work towards Standard. I told the players that they should look in the mirror and ask themselves what kind of player they want to be. I only continue with players who want to play for KV Mechelen. Am I still the right man in the right place? I think so at the moment. We have to work hard, although unfortunately I can no longer be on the field myself. It’s time to clear your head in the coming days.”

“We’re going out against a third division team. This is disgraceful,” Defour sighed after the match. “The problem of the past few weeks, the fact that we cannot score goals, has become painfully clear today. We lack many things in the last thirty meters. We make the 0-1 and then get a huge chance to score the 0-2… Yes, that is simply not possible. As I said last week: we have to be sharp in our own sixteen and in ours.”

Confidence at Malinwa has now dropped below freezing. KV Mechelen is only 14th in the competition with 11 points from twelve games. “Maybe that is indeed a factor and it is gradually starting to creep in,” says Defour. “We knew that Knokke is playing a match here in which they have nothing to lose. They also showed that by playing boldly and freely, and winning deservedly. So it only got worse for us. You really can’t put this performance on the mat here.”

And so the pressure on the trainer’s shoulders only increases. “If you look at the results of the past few weeks, it is normal that questions are asked. For now, though, I’m just concerned with today’s disappointment. The best we can do now is to put in a good performance against Standard. And get points.”


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