Club Brugge sets Belgian record: record revenue of 176 million euros

Club Brugge’s 2022-2023 financial year is one to keep for posterity. Club had 176 million euros in income: a Belgian club has never done better.

Club has improved its record even further. The previous revenue record (134.6 million euros) was also in the hands of blue-black, but now it has added more than 41 million euros. There are several explanations for those figures. Firstly, there was the wintering in the Champions League, which generated 45.1 million euros in media and prize money. In addition, there was a good transfer summer, with the sale of De Ketelaere (32 million), Openda (10 million) and Nsoki (12 million). Finally, the Club collected more match-related income (about 22.6 million euros, an improvement of 2.1 million).

Not only income, but also expenditure experienced a peak. Just think of the salaries for players and staff, which increased due to, among other things, wage indexation. There were also transfer flops such as Roman Yaremchuk, who came from Benfica for around 16 million euros, but never turned out to be worth those money. The many changes in trainers also weigh on the budget.

The transfer of Charles De Ketelaere to Milan for 32 million euros contributed to the record income. — © AC Milan via Getty Images

15.3 million profit

But the positive predominates. Club has a profit of 15.3 million euros before taxes are deducted, after which 11.1 million euros remains – that is a threefold increase. Club is also aiming for (probably less) profit in the current financial year.

Club’s balance sheet looks particularly good, as the prospective acquirers also know, who will therefore have to pay a hefty price. The equity amounts to 78 million euros. On the other hand, there are barely 15 million euros in long-term debts.


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