“A piece of grass? 420 euros please”: Barcelona sells Camp Nou memorabilia

Barcelona started selling memorabilia from the old Camp Nou on its website on Thursday. Club members can purchase chairs, turf and even pieces from the goal nets. They must have something to offer for that. Depending on the version, the prices of the seats range from 99.99 to 299.99 euros. The prices of the pieces of grass fluctuate between 49.99 and 419.99 euros. And for a piece of goal net you pay 79.99 euros.

The most striking item that the Catalans sell, however, are the diamonds that Barça had made from the soil of the old Camp Nou. You can get the cheapest gem for a paltry 499 euros. The most expensive costs about 15,000 euros. Did we mention that Barcelona has been in bad financial shape for a few years now?

The Blaugrana play their home games during the renovation of Camp Nou in the Montjuïc Olympic Stadium. It is expected that Barcelona’s new home base will not be ready until the 2025-2026 season.

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