Returning Kyan Vervoort shoots Fenixx B to derby victory with two goals: “Discharge after that winning goal was enormous”

Football 4The provincial CFenixx B

Kyan Vervoort turned out to be the match winner. — © Kms

Fenixx’s B team was too strong for their neighbors from Grimbergen on Saturday evening with a 2-3 score. After a spectacle, 20-year-old Kyan Vervoort scored the winning goal in injury time. “The relief was enormous,” said the match winner. “A derby victory always tastes a little sweeter.”

Kyan Vervoort is a 20-year-old central defender who started playing football at Borght. From the age of eleven to nineteen he played for the interprovincial youth team of SK Londerzeel, but this summer he felt the time was right to return to his home country. After the many mergers with Borght, Humbeek and later Beigem, the club now has a different name with Fenixx, but it still felt like coming home for the kinesiology student at the VUB in Brussels.

“I’m happy that I’m back and can play football closer to home and with my friends from the past,” says Vervoort. “A match against Grimbergen is always something special for our group. As I said, I am originally from Borght and many teammates have a past as youth players at Grimbergen. Just to say that this was not just a match for us.”

However, Vervoort and co. not so good about the derby. At half time, with a 2-0 deficit, the ship actually seemed to have drowned. “Even though we had some possession during the first half, it didn’t look good, no. We put our heads together at half time and showed our mentality in the second half. We are a very young group and if we get on the same page, a lot is possible for us. That resulted in three goals and a complete turnaround. The fact that I, as a defender, was able to score two of those three goals was extra gratifying. That decisive goal in injury time really caused a huge relief.”

Dreaming of A-team

Those two goals were also a boost for Vervoort personally. “I have returned from Londerzeel to be able to play here for the A team in the long term. I already train with the A-team and was able to pick up a few minutes in the preparation. Now it’s time to show myself as much as possible with the B team. I managed to do that well last weekend.”

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