Kobe Verwimp wants to start the competition well with Haasrode Leuven: “Thanks to my experience at the Red Dragons, I am further ahead than my peers”

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Kobe Verwimp (center) with dad David on the right and grandpa Fernand Walder on the left. The latter was part of the last Belgian volleyball team that was allowed to go to the Games, in 1968. Verwimp now just missed out in China. — © Well

Kobe Verwimp is facing his big baptism of fire in Liga A with Haasrode Leuven. After a very busy summer with great places of honour, but also the bitter disappointment after narrowly missing the Olympic Games, the hunger of the barely 18-year-old libero only seems to have diminished. fueled. VHL starts the competition on Wednesday evening with the arrival of Achel.

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