15 out of 15 beckons for Tim Van De Wielle and the ancient Sporta Brussels: “We rely on the class and experience of the older players”

Volleyball Nationale 3 Sporta Brussels – Nalinnes

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Tim Van De Wielle achieved a 12 out of 12 with the ancient Sporta Brussels, which crossed the line unscathed with 1-3 in Walhain. The third time could be the good time for the people of Brussels, who have celebrated the autumn title for two years in a row, but always fell back after New Year.

Closest pursuer Waasland-Kruibeke already follows on three points, Guibertin C on four and Nijvel B on five points. On Saturday, the Nalinnes tail team will visit the Georges Désir school, Sporta’s home base in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, where a 15 out of 15 beckons for the team of 36-year-old strongman Tim Van De Wielle. “We got off to a perfect start while everyone was already ready to play, except for Philippe Nogues. Our second setter is still absent, but with Iwan Verelst we obviously have a top player in our ranks. Verelst worked at the highest level with Leuven for years and guided us past Walhain when we experienced some difficult moments. Last year Verelst dropped out during the season finale and it was no coincidence that we also folded in the title race.”

Sporta Brussels came out of the transfer period strengthened and this was already evident during the start of the season. “With Tom De Greef we gained a strong middle man. A star was added to the reception corner with Dries Steenhouwer, who came over from Nijvel, with whom he started in National 1. We now have a complete team. A core of thirteen players seems large, but it is necessary when you are struggling with injuries in January and February and players sometimes take a week’s leave to go skiing. I personally combine Sporta with a T1 position at Nijvel in Nationale 1. It is a great team that traditionally also contains Flemish players, which is now the case with Jens Christiaens and Joren Appels. I started as a trainer at Lizards Lubbeek at the time. After one year at VHL and three years at Booischot, I am in my third season at the coaching helm of Nijvel.”

To promote? Opinions are divided

At Sporta Brussels, not everyone is eager to be promoted, which means that another difficult decision will soon have to be made. “Opinions are divided. I can assure you that we have not voluntarily lost a single match in the past two years. Perhaps some players unconsciously put on the brakes. The level in our series seems to have dropped somewhat. Two years ago we only lost two points, but Hofstade-Zemst was promoted. Last year, Eternit Kapelle-op-den-Bos was the laureate after we lost the role in the final phase of the competition. I am 36, which makes me the median in the team. It means that a generation is nearing the end of its career. We only train once a week and rely on the class and experience of old players. It means that the changing of the guard is gradually becoming necessary, which is not easy with a second team in Promo 1.”

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