COMMENTS. Carl Hoefkens has his revenge: “A winning goal is the best thing that can happen to you in football”

Carl Hoefken’s explosion of joy after the winning goal — © Isosport

After an animated top match between Standard and Club Brugge, Carl Hoefkens was delirious with joy after substitute Price’s winning goal. The Rouches won 2-1 against blue-black and can once again look up in the Jupiler Pro League.

“It’s unbelievable!”, Hoefkens responded after the victory against his former club. “A winning goal in the last minute is the best thing that can happen to you in football. I am very satisfied with the way we fought and also with the new boys who came in.”

The Standard coach did have a striking man of the match. “For me, Stipe Perica or Renaud Emond is the man of the match. They do everything in training to be in the selection, but then they are left out.”

Finally, Hoefkens praised one of his defenders. “I am not surprised by the level of Nathan Ngoy. He is intelligent and the way he talks and blends in with the group is fantastic. Moreover, he is not even playing in his best position, because Zinho (Vanheusden, red.) in Bope (Bokadi, red.) play better in that position. Currently he has found his place and he is doing very well. I’m even surprised that he hasn’t made it to Red Devil yet.”

Standard goalkeeper Arnaud Bodart: “Waited after the break”

“This is a victory that is very good. We really suffered in the second half. But just like last week, we get the equalizer, but we react well and score another goal. We are really working on building a good group. You see that today too. I am very proud of the boys.”

It was the first home win of the season for Standard, Sclessin was on fire. “We know the fans. If you see that (points to the stands, ed.) that is very special. That’s why we love the game so much.

Bodart himself showed himself to be important. “I try to do my job as best as possible. If the team withdraws, I have to be there. That worked out well today, we got the victory. Especially in the second half, but that is normal because Club is a really great team.”

© Isosport

Hugo Vetlesen (Club): “We played well”

“They scored in the two opportunities they had in this match. We had chances to score more, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Should we have gone for a draw after the 1-1 draw instead of the win? That’s hard to say. We have drawn so many times this season and we went for it. This time unfortunately it didn’t work out. We have to train harder and bounce back after the international break.”

“We have to be better in front of goal. We had enough chances to score at least two or three times. Standard scored from the two chances they had. We have to be more efficient in front of goal.”

“The feeling? Disappointed. We should have won if you look at our chances. We played well, so it’s disappointing when you feel like you had the chances. I’m not satisfied, no”

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