Kylian Mbappé and Luis Enrique receive heavy criticism after 4-1 defeat by PSG: “Line-up was nonsense” and “Mbappé played a ghost match”

“The daring choice to play with four forwards and two midfielders at St. James’ Park turned out badly. The most surprising thing was that Enrique did not change his plans during the match, although it was clear that his team was struggling in midfield,” wrote French sports side L’Équipe about PSG coach Luis Enrique, who scored a 3 got out of 10.

“Luis Enrique is primarily responsible for this fiasco,” wrote Le Parisien. “PSG did nothing, achieved nothing and suffered throughout the match. And yet Luis Enrique persisted in his choices.”

“Maybe PSG underestimated Newcastle, but tactically everything has to be fine at this level. If that is not the case, you will be punished. With that 4-2-4, PSG was far too weak in midfield,” said analyst Rio Ferdinand on English TV.

“Which team in Europe plays like that? This system is nonsense, no one plays like this,” said analyst Daniel Riolo at RMC. “PSG’s midfield was completely overrun, but strangely Enrique didn’t change anything. He embarrasses us all, because afterwards he says: I was right, it was the right choice, because I’m a genius. Self-proclaimed, unsung geniuses are something I can’t stand.”

2 out of 10 for Mbappe

Star striker Kylian Mbappé also suffered. He was given a 2 out of 10 by L’Equipe. “His first half was particularly disappointing. Probably because the balls weren’t coming, he dropped back into midfield to take on the role of playmaker, while he isn’t. But he didn’t offer his teammates any solutions either. Very inadequate for a player of his status.”

“We shouldn’t beat around the bush: it was a non-performance by Kylian,” said Laurent Robert, ex-PSG and Newcastle player. “I don’t know if he has a physical problem, but we are not currently seeing the sequence of sprints that we are used to from him.”

“Mbappé played a ghost match,” wrote Le Parisien about the striker’s performance. “For a player so obsessed with statistics that he even keeps track of his goals in training, it is strange that despite his drought (Mbappé did not score against Newcastle for the third match in a row, ed.) was so passive. He didn’t seem to make an effort and was desperate with the few balls he got. Kylian Mbappé is normally a magnet for the ball, but in Newcastle he only managed 51 touches, the third lowest at PSG. Only five of them were in the Magpies penalty area.”

Le Parisien gave Mbappé a 3 out of 10. “His lowest score of the season so far.”

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