Tickets for the 2024 European Football Championship will be on sale from 2 p.m. today, but you don’t have to rush


Ticket sales for next summer’s European Football Championship (June 14-July 14, 2024) in Germany start today. Until October 26, 1.2 million of the 2.7 million tickets will be sold. There is no need to be quick, because the tickets will be raffled among everyone who registered. It is not yet possible to specifically choose matches for the Red Devils, as no one, apart from host country Germany, has yet certainly qualified and the draw will not take place until December 2.

The first period in which you can register for the ticket allocation lottery starts today at 2 p.m.

Sales are made via the ticketwebsite of the European football association UEFA.

In this round you can only buy tickets for one match per day and a maximum of four people per match. Just like last year’s World Cup in Qatar, tickets will only be available digitally and not on paper.

There is no need to sit nervously at the computer today and constantly refresh your browser, because the timing of your registration has no influence on your chances. All tickets will be distributed via a completely random draw to everyone who submitted requests.

The chance of getting tickets is greatest in this phase, but the disadvantage is that you have no idea which countries you will see at work. This will only become clear during the draw on December 2 in Hamburg. Officially, the Red Devils have not yet qualified, but they are obviously in very good shape.

After the draw, there will be a sales phase of 1 million tickets aimed at fans of the qualified countries. Then you can buy tickets specifically for the Red Devils.

Further phases will follow after the play-offs in March, where the final participants are determined, and shortly before the tournament in the “last minute sale” and during the tournament for the knockout round.

Matches will be played in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart.

Prices from 30 to 1,000 euros

Those who were unable to obtain a ticket will be included in the ‘Fans First’ program, which notifies fans when tickets become available due to cancellations or payment issues.

The cheapest tickets for the group stage cost 30 euros, the most expensive 200 euros. The opening match in Munich is an exception and costs at least 50 euros.

From the knockout phase onwards, all prizes increase to 1,000 euros for a final ticket in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

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