VIDEO.“Daaaaaamn”: Romelu Lukaku sees AS Roma third jersey for the first time and is clearly a fan

Romelu Lukaku is clearly feeling happy at AS Roma, as evidenced by his two goals in his last two games for José Mourinho’s team. Our compatriot will not regret his transfer to the Italian top club and after seeing the new third jerseys that will be even less the case, we suspect when we see his reaction when he wears the jersey for the first time.

Our knowledge of Italian is usually limited to “pasta” and “pizza”, but we can still deduce from the video on the X of AS Roma that Lukaku is a big fan of AS Roma’s third jersey. Not only the word “bella” betrays Lukaku’s opinion about the new jerseys, his face speaks volumes when he sees himself in the mirror. A broad smile is followed by an enthusiastic “daaaaaamn”. Lukaku is a fan, that much is certain.

The images of Lukaku’s reaction:

The new jerseys:

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