Charlotte Van Ishoven via Standard and the US to Borsbeke: “Being title favorite does not necessarily earn points”

Women’s football Interprovincial KVCDT Borsbeke-FC Herent 4-2

Charlotte Van Ishoven (archive image). — © JEFFREY GAENS

Breast beaks

For two years, Borsbeke won all competitions, which was crowned with second and first provincial titles. On their debut in Interprovinciale, the Zebras were defeated 2-7 by title favorite Bredene. That defeat is still painful for new goalgetter Charlotte Van Ishoven, two victories later.

Renilde Clompen experienced the rise of the female Zebras and has since taken a step back to the coaching helm of Borsbeke B, with which the 55-year-old Aspelaarse wants to go far in the Hofman Cup. “Last season Borsbeke celebrated the double with the Hofman Cup in addition to the title. This season, Borsbeke will participate in the Belgian Cup, which was immediately disrupted by the elimination of Club YLA B. In the next round, coach Geert Vindevoghel’s women will go to KV Mechelen, a club from the Super League. Borsbeke B must therefore maintain its honor in the Hofman Cup, while we also do not want to make a bad impression in the first provincial. We also started with a C team in the third provincial. We are not aiming for any titles this season, but we hope to be in the top five with the three teams, while the influx of girls starts at the U6 level, where we let them play together with the boys.”

Immediately at home

Borsbeke scored a winner with Charlotte Van Ishoven. The Ghent player moved to the US via Standard and exchanged Beveren for Borsbeke this summer. “I went through the youth ranks of Lierse, where I moved on and secured a transfer to Standard. I chose an adventure in the US where I played college basketball at Tennessee and Alabama. I returned to Standard and also played in Genk, but my job forced me to take a step back. In the meantime, I changed jobs and decided to take the step from Beveren to Borsbeke. Our chairman Patrick De Wilde is particularly driven. I immediately felt completely at home at Borsbeke.”

Charlotte Van Ishoven scored her goal against Herent. “We were defeated against Bredene and immediately had our feet on the ground. Bredene is portrayed as title favorite, but I learned that status does not necessarily earn points. We delivered two good performances against Drongen and Herent. My ambition lies with Borsbeke, a club with a good framework with which I want to take steps forward.”

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