Where to watch the Champions League? Understand division of broadcasting rights

Open TV – SBT (one game per round, always on Tuesdays)
Closed TV – TNT e Space
Streaming – HBO Max (all games)

SBT and Warner: the holders of the Champions League broadcasting rights

The 2023/24 season marks the end of the current Champions League commercial cycle. The division of broadcasting rights will be the same as in recent years, with just two holders: SBT, on open TV and Warner, on closed TV and streaming

SBT’s contract with UEFA allows the broadcaster to broadcast one game per round, totaling 13 matches per season from the group stage onwards. The games broadcast by the broadcaster will always be on Tuesday afternoons.

Warner, another rights holder, has a bigger package. The company makes all games available on the HBO Max service and some on closed TV, through the TNT and Space channels.

What changes next season?

The current edition of the Champions League will be the last in the current format. From the 2024/25 season onwards, the group system will end and there will be a single round with 36 teams (currently there are 32 teams). In this single round, eight games will be played by each club. This is the Swiss crossing system.

Off the field, a new commercial cycle will begin, with new sponsorship and broadcasting agreements. In Brazil, Warner has already guaranteed the contract renewal for another three years. Broadcasting on open TV remains undefined.

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