Watch São Paulo x Fortaleza LIVE HD 09/20/2023

In Morumbi, the São Paulo receive the Fortaleza on the night of this Wednesday (20), from 9:30 pm (Brasília time), for the 24th round of the Brazilian championship. The match will be broadcast live from Globoon open TV, and on Premiere.

DATASHEET: São Paulo x Fortaleza

from Brasilia)

Data: Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Time: 9:30 pm (Brasília time)
Local: Morumbi – São Paulo, SP
Arbitration: Yuri Elino Ferreira (referee), Luiz Claudio Regazone and Lilian da Silva Fernandes (assistants), Douglas Marques das Flores (fourth referee), Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (VAR)
Where to watch: Globe and Premiere

PROBABLE SCALATIONS: São Paulo x Fortaleza

SÃO PAULO (Coach: Dorival Junior)
Jandrei; Nathan, Alan Franco, Diego Costa and Wellington; Luan, Jhegson Mendéz, James Rodríguez and Michel Araújo; David and Alexandre Pato (Juan).

Embezzlements: Galoppo (surgery on the left knee), Ferraresi (improves physical shape after surgery on the right knee), Igor Vinícius (transition after surgery on the pubis), Erison (strain on the left thigh), Marcos Paulo (rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament on the left knee ).

Hanging: Patryck, Raí Ramos, Marcos Paulo, Michel Araújo, Alisson, Beraldo, Caio Paulista, Rodriguinho, Welington, Rafinha and Lucas Silvestre (technical assistant)

FORTALEZA (Coach: Juan Pablo Vojvoda)
João Ricardo; Tinga, Brítez, Titi and Bruno Pacheco; Zé Welison, Caio Alexandre, Tomás Pochettino, Marinho and Guilherme; Lucero.

Embezzlements: Calebe (returning from injury)

Hanging: Calebe, Brayan Ceballos, Yago Pikachu, Bruno Pacheco, Benevenuto, Lucas Sasha, Silvio Romero, Lucero, Zé Welison and Gonzalo Escobar

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