“We are unique in Belgium”: Jonathan Lardot makes a bad turn with a striking phase in Eupen-Standard

Standard took its first win of the season against Eupen (1-3) on Sunday. In the absolute finale, the puppets started dancing after the home team’s tying goal was disallowed. Jonathan Lardot made a bad turn.

Yanko Beeckman and Thomas Standaert

When Eupen made it 2-3 in the second minute of added time, the goal was rightly disallowed for offside with the help of VAR Wim Smet – as prescribed by protocol.

Florian Kohfeldt does not agree with that decision and goes crazy on the sidelines. Jonathan Lardot then comes to seek redress from Eupen’s trainer… and then re-examines the images himself and sticks to his decision.

A remarkable action that is indeed legal – a referee can request an on-field review himself – but is highly questionable. Firstly, because the game was stopped for a total of more than four minutes. Secondly, because a lot of power is vested in the trainer.

“We were unique in Belgium today,” Standard coach Carl Hoefkens summarized after the match. “For the first time, a trainer has been given a joker to challenge a decision, from the VAR of all things. That is certainly not a reproach to my fellow coach, because I want to be able to do that myself.”

Kohfeldt wanted to thank Lardot again. “I appreciate that he went to take another look,” said Eupen’s trainer. “After the match it was confirmed to me that he made the right decision. But on the images we use on the bench – the technical wide angle – it was clearly not offside.”

No one at the Referee Department wanted to comment. Off the record it was heard that Lardot’s action is not worth repeating.

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