New national coach calls up a large part of the Spanish World Cup selection despite strike after ‘kiss gate’, but key figure Jenni Hermoso is not there


The new Spanish national coach Montse Tomé has called on fifteen of the 23 players, who gave Spain the women’s football world title this summer but went on strike after the affair surrounding the now departed national president Luis Rubiales, to participate in the upcoming Nations League matches on Monday. Key figure Jenni Hermoso remained out of the selection.

The players have still not publicly announced the end of their strike, despite the dismissal of Luis Rubiales after his controversial kiss to Jenni Hermoso and the departure of controversial national coach Jorge Vilda, whose methods they criticized.

“The players are professionals and I am sure they will do their job well, they have been doing it for a long time,” said Tomé as she unveiled her first selection. “I know they will be with us tomorrow,” she added, without giving any further guarantees.

A few days ago, 21 of the 23 Spanish football players who won the world title at the end of last month urged more changes before considering a return to the Spanish squad.

“The changes already implemented are not sufficient to create a safe place for the players, in which women are respected and where we can give the best of ourselves,” they wrote in the communication, which was signed by a total of 39 football players.


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