STVV calls weak KV Mechelen back into order

The international break did not do KV Mechelen any favors. Individually, collectively and tactically, Sint-Truiden beat a poor KV Mechelen: 2-0. Newcomers Cobbaut and Bassette, in the starting line-up and substitute respectively, were also unable to prevent the defeat. In addition, right back Rafik Belghali had to be carried off the field on a stretcher after just over ten minutes.

KV Mechelen scored a 9 out of 9, but that did not stop Steven Defour from making three changes. Actually two, because Nikola Storm remained in the locker room with a slight injury as a precaution. Pflücke thus celebrated his first starting position. Just like acquisition Elias Cobbaut, who immediately displaced Bates from the starting eleven. Belghali was preferred over Walsh. As expected, Kaya took Barnes’ place at STVV.

Immediately forced to change

The 21-year-old Belgian Algerian’s match did not last long. After Steuckers fired the first warning shot, Belghali remained lying on the Truiense artificial grass after a dozen minutes. The right back was unable to continue after an unfortunate landing and Walsh was immediately allowed to appear. In the meantime, the foursome gathered Vanlerberghe, Konaté, Schoofs and Mrabti together. Not to make a card, but to make some adjustments, because STVV had gotten off to the best start.

Substitute Walsh immediately made his mark, Hairemans missed his cross too much to be dangerous. The home team continued to monopolize the ball and tried to occupy the space between Cobbaut and Foulon three times. However, Kaya and Bocat had to swerve too far to be dangerous.

Wage for working for STVV

Just before the half hour mark, Malinwa finally broke through through Pflücke. Via the German and Schoofs the ball again reached Pflücke, who put it back with his head. Mrabti’s pegel was blocked. At the back there was a lot of space between Cobbaut and Foulon and with the fourth Truiense attempt it was bingo. Steuckers stood alone in the center, Foulon had to take action and Hashioka, who had advanced along with him, pushed the 1-0 against the ropes. A deserved lead for STVV, which converted its field dominance into figures. However, yellow-red gradually restored the balance and the egg almost reached the same level before half time. Cobbaut pushed the ball just wide from inside the box, while Mrabti found Suzuki in his path a few moments later. Schoofs also tested the Truiense final piece again, also in vain. The score remained 1-0 until halftime.

Ito adds books

After coffee, KV Mechelen had to look for the equalizer and also created the first football opportunity. Mrabti laid back to Schoofs, but the captain shot too weakly at Suzuki. Sint-Truiden, however, had no intention of digging in and took advantage of that one moment to double their bonus. Substitute Barnes almost succeeded, if it weren’t for his decision from inside the small rectangle. On the other side, Foulon fired a cannonball, Suzuki was just able to push into a corner. Walsh, in turn, should have done more with a free heading opportunity only for the Truiense goalie.

KVM showed its intentions, but was trumped by a smarter STVV, which mercilessly punished KV Mechelen’s defensive mistakes. No one thought it necessary to follow Ito, who had advanced, and the Japanese was only allowed to score the 2-0 from the left for Coucke. Defour intervened and took Konaté and Schoofs to the side. Acquisition Bassette and Bates came on. It initially did not make much progress. After a weak free kick from Pflücke – indicative of his poor match – the quick Koita shot over the counterattack to score the merciless 3-0. Something he did again two minutes before the end of regular playing time. It didn’t matter anymore, because KVM couldn’t make a fist anymore. After a nine out of nine before the international break, Malinwa knows what losing is again. STVV took its first victory since August 6.

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