Kortrijk Spurs almost choke on Falco Gent: “No matter how well you prepare, a cup match remains special”

Basketball Cup of Belgium Falco Gent – Kortrijk Spurs 67-80

It was not a piece of cake for Kortrijk Spurs in Ghent. “These men recharge their batteries and want to prove that they can do something. And that is true.” — © NDM

It was a clear victory for Spurs Kortrijk against Falco Gent in the Belgian Cup. The score, 67-80, does not suggest that Kortrijk was underwhelmed. On the contrary.

“As is often the case when a team plays against a higher class, they bring all hands on deck,” explains Seppe D’Espaillier, who was not there due to an injury. “You can prepare for it as well as you like, but a cup match always remains something special. These men recharge their batteries and want to prove that they can do something. And that is true.”

“It really wasn’t easy for us until half time. We were even 10 points behind at the time. That really wasn’t good. Leaving aside the five-point advantage, things could and should be better. It seemed like we weren’t really ready to start that match. If you approach it too calmly, it won’t work. Our class came out in the second half. We were able to push a little and then we pulled the sheet towards us. Fortunately, we were still able to connect the dots. But it certainly wasn’t good at first. Due to the fact that we recovered well, I am almost certain that we will be ready for the competition. We’ll see about that later.”

Injury not so bad

“I’m glad that my injury, a foot twist during training, is not that bad. Normally I can start training again on Wednesday, and I hope to be completely ready against the upcoming competition power,” D’Espaillier concludes.

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