VIDEO. Eden Hazard receives a striking question from brother Thorgan: “Don’t you want to play for Union?”

In the upcoming episode of the documentary series ‘Mauve’ by Play Sports, the crazy transfer mercato of RSC Anderlecht will be looked back on. With, of course, the top transfer of Thorgan Hazard. Everything surrounding his arrival is shown, the camera never leaves the side of the new number 11 for the Purple & White for a minute. At one point he makes a remarkable phone call.

Just when he has successfully completed his medical tests and is on his way to Anderlecht, Thorgan Hazard calls big brother Eden. He answers and immediately asks “Did it happen?”, to which Thorgan confirms: “It happened.” But that was not why he called his brother. Thorgan had a striking proposal for brother Eden, who is currently clubless.

“I just called Kylian (Thorgan and Eden’s other brother who plays football at RWDM, ed.). I asked him when I will play against him with Anderlecht. And now I’m calling you to ask if you don’t feel like playing football at Union? Then all three of us will be in Brussels.” Eden shouldn’t think so long. “It’s good just for fun, but I don’t feel like it.”

“Otherwise I will sign with Union for one week, just when they play against Anderlecht,” Eden answers cleverly. “And then I will do that again when they play against RWDM.” Thorgan can’t resist asking his brother a difficult question: “And after that you will definitely stop?”

“Ah yes, of course,” Eden laughs it off. As far as this, no one knows where the future of the winger lies since he saw his contract terminated with the Spanish Real Madrid last season. Maybe the phone call from brother Thorgan will help you make a choice.

The excerpt from ‘Mauve’:

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