Former Spanish federation president Luis Rubiales is banned from contact with Jenni Hermoso after a controversial kiss at the Women’s World Cup


On Friday afternoon, former president of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales appeared before the Madrid court for the first time to explain his inappropriate behavior towards Jenni Hermoso (33) during the ceremony after the final of the Women’s World Cup won. Rubiales resigned as chairman earlier this month, but now also faces legal punishment: a 200-meter ban on contact with the player in question.

The public prosecutor demanded a restraining order against Rubiales on Friday afternoon. Judge Francisco de Jorge agreed to the sanction and stiffened the sentence. Although the requesting party proposed a restraining order of half a kilometer, the judge reduced the area to 200 meters. In addition, the prosecutor also wants Rubiales to report to court every 15 days so that he does not flee Spain. No public was allowed at the trial.

Rubiales was charged with sexual harassment and coercion, but denied the allegations and maintained that Hermoso had consented to the kiss. According to the player, this was not the case and her lawyer Carla Vall also argued that. “Thanks to social change and changes in the law, we can demonstrate that Mr. Rubiales did not seek approval from the player in question.” The judge must now determine whether a trial will take place.

Last month’s incident after the World Cup final win against England caused a wave of outrage about sexism and macho behavior in Spain and completely overshadowed the victory of the Spanish women’s team. Rubiales resigned as chairman of the Spanish association last weekend.

Rubiales with his lawyer. — © REUTERS

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