Antwerp has to disappoint 600 subscribers: fewer Champions League mini-subscriptions available due to UEFA guidelines


Antwerp will start mini-season ticket sales for the three home games in the Champions League on Thursday evening at 6:30 PM. Something to look forward to for fans of the Great Old, although there is also bad news. Due to UEFA guidelines, not all subscribers will be able to purchase a mini-season ticket for the three matches.

The standing areas of Grandstand 4 must be converted into safe standing areas for European matches, which results in a reduction in capacity. Moreover, as an organizer, UEFA is entitled to many tickets for its own partners and employees.

All subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase a mini-season ticket during a priority period, but due to the above UEFA guidelines, 600 of them will be left empty-handed. Those subscribers who are unlucky will receive priority for individual ticket sales, depending on how many tickets UEFA itself takes up.

The priority period for subscribers to T1, T3 and T4 (only those with seats) runs from Thursday, September 14 (at 6:30 PM) to Saturday, September 16 (at 9:00 AM). The priority period for subscribers to T4 (standing places) runs from Sunday, September 17 (at 10 a.m.) to Monday, September 18 (at 6 p.m.).

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