VIDEO. Own fault or “serious violation of fair play”? Goal in Women’s Champions League faces legal challenge

The football players of FC Twente reached the second qualifying round of the Champions League last weekend by beating the Spanish Levante 3-2. But a controversial Dutch goal is now getting a legal tail.

Twente did not start well against Levante. The Spanish team took a big lead early on. Paula Tomas opened the scoring in the 14th minute and Alba Redondo made it 2-0 six minutes later. Thanks to goals from Renate Jansen and Marit Auée, the teams went into halftime with an equal score. Sophie te Brake gave Twente victory and qualification with a goal halfway through the second half.

Party in the Netherlands, but especially anger in Spain. Jansen scored in a controversial manner. Twente gave the ball back to Levante after a stoppage in play, but Jansen ran away with it after a moment of hesitation in defense and caused the net to shake.

At Levante they were furious, but the referee saw no problem with it. That is why the Spanish club has now filed a complaint with UEFA.

“After obtaining all documentation, the testimonies of those present and viewing the images, the secretary of the board of directors filed a complaint with the UEFA Women’s Champions League due to the ‘unsportsmanlike behavior’ of FC Twente in the game last Saturday. The document, sent by Levante to the Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, requests an investigation due to a very serious violation of sporting fair play by FC Twente,” it said.

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