IT’S ALSO FUN IN PROVINCIALE. The new Hazards in Eppegem, Wijgmaal has its own Roman emperor and nadorst in Londerzeel

1. Brother pairs at the cannon

We already knew the brothers Mbo and Emile Mpenza at Mouscron at the time and of course the Hazard brothers at the Red Devils. But last weekend two brotherly couples also caught the eye in Flemish Brabant. Not because they played in the same team, but because they scored for a different team on the same day. It happened to Milan (Eppegem) and Lars (CS Machelen) Barbieux, but Timothy (Eppegem) and Elliot (Groot-Dilbeek) Delplanque also struck. For three of them that meant victory. Lars Barbieux was stuck at a 2-2 draw with Machelen. With Kylian still out until the winter break at RWDM and Eden already as good as retired, Anderlecht new addition Thorgan Hazard will have to uphold the honor of the brotherhood in our Jupiler Pro League in the coming weeks.

2. Wijgmaal B has its own Roman emperor

Scoring against your own team still looks bad. Sometimes it ends well, sometimes it costs your team points. On the field of Bertem-Leefdaal B, 18-year-old Wijgmaal player Julius Calluy leveled the score for the home team with an own goal around the half-hour mark. Calluy, in his youthful enthusiasm, was so into it that he gave Wijgmaal the lead seven minutes later. The visitors eventually won 2-4. All’s well that ends well, and a big relief for the unfortunate Calluy. Divide and ruleor divide and conquer, a different Julius among the Romans would have ever said.

3. Don’t cheer too early


Hans Vanaken came off well when he celebrated his goal last week just in front of AA Gent’s spy head. It didn’t end well for Ibrahim Diaby, who celebrated the save of honor for Mazenzele Opwijk – it was already 3-0 in Elewijt’s favor – a bit too exuberantly and too challenging for Elewijt’s spy head. The referee promptly treated Diaby to a red cardboard, so that he could possibly watch the replays of his goal in the dressing room. With the shame red on the cheeks, that’s what it’s called…

4. Alcohol is the devil for Delta

Alcohol, and perhaps more specifically Palm in this case, is the devil. It is a proverb as old as the street, but apparently they had forgotten it at Delta Londerzeel B. In the derby against Steenhuffel B, the home team lost 0-2. The best part of the matter: the visitors of the Palm did not have to score a single time. Both goals were scored by the home team themselves. Glenn Hals and Senne Aelbrecht were the unlucky ones of the day. How did they rinse that shit after a match in sweltering conditions? We gamble with a fresh Palm. Before the Delta supporters panic: no, Hoegaarden is not in the Londerzeel team this year. Oof!

5. Continuing the line is not always a good idea

Kraainem’s players have started the season well. — © Kms

After two matchdays in the provincial series, we have come to the following conclusion: many teams are continuing the trend of last year. EUR. 90 Kraainem, KFC Eppegem B, FFF Haren and Wijgmaal B are all four PhD students who all started the season with a six out of six in one series. Kampenhout, Rhode De Hoek, Melsbroek, Keiberg and Eizeringen had not fully understood that assignment. They are also continuing last year’s line for the time being. The result: after their relegation last season, those clubs one series lower are already waiting for their first points.

6. The best shooter in Flemish Brabant

Ugo Nwadikwa (right) scored no fewer than five times for Holsbeek. — © gmd

It is still early in the season, but we would like to start with an overview of the Flemish Brabant goal scorers. Especially because this weekend a certain Ugo Nwadikwa scored no less than five times for Holsbeek, which immediately puts him in the lead in our province. Jorne Pasteleurs (Kester-Gooik B) and Matty Van De Gaer (Plenke Werchter) also scored four times each. Some of the big guns from last season, such as Nicolas Lentini (Vissenaken), Simon Smeets (Tielt-Winge), Toon Matthys (Langdorp) and Dries Vanwelde (KVK Tienen), were also able to open their accounts.

5 goals: Ugo Nwadikwa (Holsbeek, 2B), Simon Smeets (Tielt-Winge 3000, 3D), Godfred Agbloe (BHS United, 4D), Nathan Caerts (Rap. Wezemaal B, 4E)

4 goals: Vincent Vergauwen (Huldenberg, 1), Ruben Michiels (Dworp, 3A), Soulaymane Ziani (FFF Haren, 3B), Bryan Cabo (Galmaarden, 4A), Noah De Vos (Herne B, 4A), Jorne Pasteleurs (Kester-Gooik B , 4A), Cédric Nelissen (Erps-Kwerps, 4C), Nick Vandervoort (Huldenberg, 4C), Emmanuel Matuasilua (Kampenhout B, 4D), Sidiki Conde (KVC Haacht, 4E), Jefke Laeveren (Molenbeek, 4E), Matty Van De Gaer (Plenke Werchter, 4E), Nand Wallays (Rap. Wezemaal B, 4E)

3 goals: Elie Kalengayi Biayi (Boka United, 2A), Nicolas Lentini (Vissenaken, 2B), Lars Rosschaert (Houtem-Oplinter, 2B), Eliot Delplanque (Groot-Dilbeek, 3A), Bram Dewit (Dworp, 3A), Sofian El Malki ( Zuun, 3A), Arthur Spapens (Groot-Dilbeek, 3A), SÔren Meuris (Steenhuffel, 3B), Jorn Reszczynski (Meerbeek, 3C), Matthias Stienlet (KFC Sparta Haacht Tildonk, 3C), Maki Hamilton De Silva Valdebenito (Boutersem United , 3D), Adriaan Everaerts (Lubbeek, 3D), Joeri Vandersmissen (Lubbeek, 3D), Mike Wauters (Tielt-Winge 3000, 3D), Levi De Boeck (Oetingen B, 4A), Elias De Smet (Lembeek, 4A), Shahin Salah (Ol. Brussels Acadamy, 4A), Glenn Santing (Schepdaal B, 4A), Matthieu Thibaut (Rhode De Hoek B, 4A) ,Jason Calgan (Liedekerke B, 4B), Bryan De Decker (Asse-Terheide, 4B) , Jarne Hermans (Asse-Terheide, 4B), Matthias Menten (Essene, 4B), Raphael Amani Ngona Lobo (Ritterklub B, 4B), Mapoure Anderson Ntoubandi (L. Teralfene, 4B), Ruben Okens (Groot Kapelle, 4B), Julien Sergeant (Borchtlombeek B, 4B), Kevin De Backer (Erps-Kwerps, 4C), Jonas Van Hamme (Haasrode B, 4C), Vincent Haegeman (Elewijt B, 4D), Arnaud Mevis (Grimbergen B, 4D), Pieter Abs (RWL Sport B, 4E), Günther Binnard (Goetsenhoven, 4F), Opara Maxwell (Drieslinter, 4F), Jelle Meulenberghs (Butsel B, 4F), Arnaut Vandecauter (Waanrode, 4F) and Jorben Vanderhoeft (Rummen, 4F)

7. Next week we’re looking forward to…

In the first provincial it is a matter of seeing whether Kampenhout can leave that annoying zero behind at the dangerous Bierbeek, which also only has one point. In third B, Eppegem B receives a visit from Ritterklub. Both teams still have the maximum points, so someone will have to fill the role at the top. In the same series it remains to be seen whether Zemst can write his first points on the table, because Bart Van Winckel’s team is not immediately in place at the bottom.

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