Relief from Lyra-Lierse and Mathias Schils: “The double now fell our way”

FOOTBALL 2ND DEPARTMENT VVB lyra-lierse – hades 2-1

Lyra-Lierse’s first victory is a fact! After a thriller against Hades the score eventually became 2-1. — © GOYVAERTS/GMAX AGENCY

Then the first victory for Lyra-Lierse, which was still behind against RC Hades after an hour of playing football on its own Doel fields on Saturday. But two standstill phases in the last five minutes of the game still brought the Pallieters to heaven. “We deserved this so much,” Mathias Schils beamed.

Relief and relief on Saturday at Doelvelden, after the final whistle sounded. Then the first loot for Lyra-Lierse. Even though the meeting with RC Hades seemed to end in a third 0-1 defeat in a row.

“Admittedly, we feared that at a certain point,” Mathias Schils beamed. “Because this game seemed like a copy of our first two assignments, which we narrowly lost each time. We certainly didn’t play bad football and had the upper hand, but again we created few real opportunities. Then the goal is conceded and you feel the mood brewing.”

Not so. This time the coin still chose the side of the Pallieters. In the last five minutes, Koen Weuts and Cel Teunen always scored a stationary phase.

“The discharge was enormous,” Mathias Schils realized. “We needed this for once and we deserve it, because our zero out of six was a bit of a mess. Above all, it gives us confidence for our next assignments. If you are still at the bottom of the rankings without any points, the doubts will only increase. And we absolutely had to avoid that scenario.”

Despite the first three-pointer, it remains a fact that Lyra-Lierse has difficulty creating opportunities these days.

“That’s right. It remains very difficult to convert our dominance into opportunities. Of course, we miss some people who have the creativity to open things up. That is a reality we may have to live with for a while. And so it has to be done through willpower and energy and it worked. We score twice on the stationary phase. Oh well, those first three points were especially important for us. It is now important to continue building on this.”

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