Pierre-Antoine Gillet excels with double-double and takes third BXNT Super Cup with Ostend: “Deserved victory gives the whole team a lot of confidence”


The Belgian champion Ostend won by no less than thirty points against the Dutch champion Leiden. — © Belgian


Filou Oostende, which had already won the first and second BNXT Supercup, was also the best on Saturday evening with fluent play in the third edition of the match between the Belgian and Dutch champions. Three times is a charm for the Zeekapiteins, who won with a large 59-89 score in Leiden.

At 9-11 the visitors took control. In the second quarter Buysschaert exceeded the limit of ten units: 15-26. Buysse quickly lifted the difference to twenty-five (21-41) and halfway through the evening the red-yellows led 27-48. After the break, Ostend did not give its Dutch opponents a glimmer of hope. Gillet quickly put a thirty-pointer on the board (35-66). Before everyone realized it, he fired another bomb into the basket: 35-69. Mennes recorded the 59-89 final score.

Oostende led maximally by 37 points at 41-78, after one and one from Gillet. The good teamwork also translates into the balance between assists and ball losses: 22-12 for Ostend compared to 14-17 for Leiden. The visitors grabbed slightly more rebounds (29-32) than the home team. Ostend scored 63% on field baskets (73.5% two-pointers – 25 out of 34 – and 45% three-pointers – 9 out of 20). That high percentage is in stark contrast to the 46.2% of free throws (12 out of 26), the only downside of this festive evening.

“The many young people showed that they are looking forward to it”

Kapitein Pierre-Antoine Gillet

“This first official match of the season went very well. We collectively played a great game of basketball, both in attack and defense. We deserve this Super Cup. It gives our entire team a lot of confidence,” said a happy star Pierre-Antoine Gillet (21 points at 81.8% – 4 out of 5 two-pointers, 4 out of 5 bombs and 1 out of 1 free throws -, 10 rebounds and 5 steals). “Jefferson, one of our newcomers present, proved his versatility (20 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists). Moreover, we ended this competition with many young people. They showed that they are looking forward to it. We are also missing Bratanovic, Nembhard and Ahmad. I hope that we can start the new competition completely within two weeks.”

Four prizes

For Ostend, this is already the fourteenth Super Cup in club history: eleven in the Belgian league and three in the BNXT formula. No one ever did better. “At Ostend we always aim to win prizes. Our target is the four prizes, including the Belgian title, the Belgian Cup and the BNXT title. We were not able to do that last season,” Simon Buysse (10 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists) set the bar high.

On Sunday afternoon, September 17, Ostend will compete in the sixteenth finals for the Belgian Cup, visiting second division club Lommel.

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