Manchester United star Antony denies accusations of domestic violence, but wished ex-girlfriend dead: “You have to see that in context”


Brazil has been under the spell of footballer Antony all week, although not for positive reasons. The Manchester United star footballer is accused by his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavllin of violent behavior and death threats. He was even temporarily kicked out of the Brazilian selection. Now Antony himself responded: “I never touched her at any time.”

Earlier this week, Manchester United striker Antony was dropped from the Brazil squad following allegations by his ex-girlfriend of threats and violence. WhatsApp messages published by the Brazilian press on Monday contain threats that Antony allegedly made against his ex-girlfriend. In one of the conversations quoted by local media, Antony’s ex-girlfriend claims that the attacker should apologize for “kicking and attacking”. The answer is “sorry” in the next message.

Cavallin, who took the case to Sao Paulo police and also filed a complaint with Manchester police, is seen in a photo with a head wound. The woman claims that Antony attacked her several times, including while she was pregnant. Greater Manchester Police said on Monday evening that an investigation was underway to clarify the circumstances surrounding the complaint.

Throwing out of car

Because the situation is very lively in Brazil and Antony is even (temporarily) no longer allowed to play for the national team, the attacker has now told his side of the story. In a conversation with the Brazilian Fofocalizando, Antony responds to the accusations made by his ex-girlfriend Cavallin. “I didn’t touch her at any point,” said the Manchester United striker. Antony also denies the story that he headbutted her.

Antony is temporarily no longer called up for the Brazilian national team. — © REUTERS

Antony also denies the death threat he allegedly made to his ex-girlfriend. According to her, the United attacker said that he was going to throw her out of his car at high speed. “I never said that at any time,” said Antony. “She got angry in the car. She started swearing. She pushed me, but not hard. At that point I wasn’t even holding her or anything. I never pushed her, I never threatened to throw her out of the car. There are a lot of things she says that are not true.”

More of an insult

But not everything that Cavallin stated is denied by the Brazilian footballer. In this way he confirms the message in which he wished death on his former girlfriend. “But you have to see that in context,” Antony quickly adds. “It was more of an insult, like she insulted me.”Antony also claims that Cavallin edited WhatsApp conversations to make him look guilty. “She edited statements to her advantage, she also deleted a number of messages from me. She manipulated the messages and I have proof of that.”

Now of course the question remains what will happen to the whole thing. So Antony is not allowed to participate in the Brazilian national team for the time being, but what about Manchester United? Investigations into the facts are still ongoing in both Brazil and England. Antony also said in the interview in his own country that he is not afraid that his contract in England would be terminated. “That doesn’t even cross my mind.” The left leg is still at Old Trafford until mid-2027, after coming over from the Dutch Ajax for almost a hundred million euros last year.

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