American combo guard Rasir Bolton to Telenet Giants Antwerp

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Telenet Giants Antwerp has attracted a fourth foreign reinforcement with Rasir Bolton. Bolton is a 24-year-old, 5’9″ tall American combo guard who played in the NCAA (Division 1) strong conference at Iowa State and Conzaga.

“Rasir is an all-round and athletic rookie, has a very good catch and shoot (38 percent three-pointers over four seasons and with a lot of attempts) and can especially create his own shot from the dribble. He is also very fast in transition and has a good drive. This to finish or create for his teammates. He also brings a lot of energy defensively,” said General Manager Eddy Faus.

In his last season (2022-23), he averaged 10 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists with the Gonzaga Bulldogs. After Jackson Rocky Kreuser (USA) , Keevan Veinot (Canada) and Asbjorn Midtgaard (Denmark), Rasir Bolton is the fourth new foreigner at the Giants. Previously, Telenet Giants Antwerp also attracted the Belgians Yoeri Schoepen (ex-Giants, Spirou Charleroi) and Jo Van Buggenhout (Kangaroes Mechelen). The Sinjoren open the new BXNT-League on Saturday September 23 in the Lotto Arena and against Leuven Bears. A week later it works in Turkey / Belek the preliminary round of the Champions League. The quarter-final of the qualifications is on September 27 against the French Cholet.

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