VIDEO. Now also an actor: Lionel Messi deals with pushy brokers in Argentinian series

Lionel Messi (36) is a talented man. The Argentinian star footballer was asked to play in a popular series in his home country and he did so with verve.

Messi can be seen in the second season of the popular Argentinian series The protectors, a series about professional football players and their agents. He plays a guest role for about five minutes. Who he plays? Just himself, of course. Messi has to deal with three pushy real estate agents who make him a special offer. They ask him to put on a shirt from a different Argentine football club every day during his vacation.

Messi had nothing to do with that proposal. “How can you make such a proposal? You seem very uneducated to me,” he says nervously to one of the estate agents. “You don’t imagine that, do you? You told me we would talk about player issues. Are you kidding me? What am I doing here? I don’t participate in this kind of thing.” The series is fiction, but Messi’s emotions came across as believable.

Messi is currently enjoying a holiday after a long season with Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentina national team, with whom he won the world title at the end of last year. Meanwhile, he signed a contract with Inter Miami. He would make his debut in the American league on July 21.

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